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Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way Out

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Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way OutCasinos are tightening the noose on customers who consume more drinks than they gamble. Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way Out. At one time all you needed to do is stick a twenty into a slot machine and place your order for a drink. You did not even need to play on the slot machine. Over the past few years, bartenders would make sure you were playing the maximum and not just looking for a free drink.  Government run casinos and casinos on Native properties charge for every drink. In many cases the drinks are quite reasonably priced. Free drinks are about to end, at least at some of the larger casinos.

Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way Out

Harrahs is equipping their slot machines with red and green lights. A red light means you have not gambled enough to deserve a drink, while a green light indicates to the server that she can serve you.

It also helps the server by showing who might want a drink. They can also pass the blame along to the casino and avoid a confrontation if they refuse to server you. In most cases if you are playing the slots, there will be no problem with free drinks. The customers who play minimum or not at all are going to be upset. But then they were looking for something for free and not providing the casino with any business at all.

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Best Deals at Casinos

September 7th, 2015 prrichar1 Posted in Promotions No Comments »

Best Deals at CasinosThe best deals at casinos really depend on how busy the casino is, your reason for travel and whether you qualify for any free complimentary items such as meals and rooms. We will discuss each of these in this post and provide a few hints regarding how to find the deals. If you can combine all three concepts, you may even get free rooms, free meals, free entertainment and free money to gamble with. All of the casino hotels participate in these programs so taking advantage of these free items is in your best interest to minimize the cost of your trip or vacation.

Best Deals at Casinos – Timing

Just as in real life, timing is everything. If the casino you are visiting is hosting a large convention or it is at the peak of the travel season, many travelers are going to find it difficult to find cheaper rates. Low travel periods and no convention business means fewer people in the hotel and the casino. This is the time they will offer better deals to anyone interested in visiting their hotel. Always ask for discounts and always check rates for different time periods if you can be flexible. Stay during the week vs. the weekend to find better rates as well.

If you are traveling on business, chances are you can obtain a business rate for the hotel you are staying at. Usually the convention will negotiate a discount rate for anyone attending their convention. If you are able and willing to walk, staying at a casino hotel next door can mean that you will receive a rate even lower if they are not busy. Check out the rates and then make your decision.

If you gamble, ask for a slot card and use it whenever you are playing the slots or the tables. On your next visit or even the current visit the casino may provide you with something based on your play. It could be free meals, free tickets or they might even write off your room. Check with the slot host before you check out to find out what you qualify for.

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Aquarius Free Rooms

June 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Promotions No Comments »

Aquarius Free RoomsWe are staying again at the Aquarius hotel in Laughlin Nevada. They offered us three nights free based on our casino play. Aquarius Free Rooms! This was tracked on our slot card from the previous several trips. This is like winning a small jackpot. When you receive offers like this based on your play, take advantage of them. Because they can save you a significant amount of money. In our case room rates were
$50 a night, so a small jackpot of $150 is nothing to be ignored.

Aquarius Free Rooms – Multiple Offers

We seem to receive multiple offers every couple of months. Unfortunately we cannot take advantage of all of them based on the distance that we would have to travel to stay at the Aquarius hotel. However if you were someone who lives within three or 400 miles of Laughlin Nevada, this can make a really nice weekend trip or week day trip when you take advantage of these free offers. Since we travel a lot, we make sure that the offers are sent to us by email. You can also receive the offers by snail mail however they may not always get to you one time. In addition to receiving the Aquarius free rooms, you could also use the cash on your Slot card to pay for meals and also other incidentals that you may charge. Talk to your Slot host for more details.

Aquarius Free Rooms- Best Crab Legs

One of the things that we really enjoy at the Aquarius hotel in Laughlin Nevada is the buffet on Friday night. This is seafood night and they have a great deal of seafood available depending on what you like to eat. We happen to like the Alaskan King crab legs. They are hot ( some place serve them cold ), they are pre-cut so they are easy to break open and they taste absolutely great. We try to make sure that we are staying at the Aquarius on a Friday night so that we can dine on crab legs.

Even better, quite often we end up getting comp’d for the meal as well as the room. What a deal!

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Wynn Slot Tournament

June 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Promotions No Comments »

Wynn Slot TournamentWe just got invited to a slot tournament at the Wynn Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an excellent example of using your slot card to make a difference. This can be an inexpensive Vegas vacation versus paying directly for all your rooms, gambling, drinks, etc.

Our offer includes three days free at the Casino Hotel Las Vegas, participation in the  Slot tournament, and an invitation to an awards ceremony at the end of the slot tournament. We’ll tell you more about the award ceremony in a moment, but this is an excellent deal for many different reasons.

Offers Can be Amazing

Can you imagine, I called the Wynn Casino Hotel on Wednesday morning to see what room rates they would offer us. They were busy, and the casino rate was $200 a night, including the room, resort fee, and taxes. We were not prepared to spend. $600 for three nights and so we declined to make the reservation.

The very next morning, I received an email offering participation in the slot tournament, three nights free including resort fee and taxes, participation of the slot tournament, and the party at the end of the slot tournament. This was for the same dates that we’re hoping to make a reservation. We grabbed it in a hurry since it was only a maximum of 250 people invited to the tournament.

Wynn Slot Tournament – Free Rooms

If you have not stayed at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas before, you really should. The rooms are large, very clean, and very modern. They have excellent views of the strip and the eastern part of the city. Everything is automated with controls at your fingertips next to the bed for opening and closing the blinds. Also dimming or shutting off the lights. There is a TV in the bathroom so you will not miss any of the daily news or your favorite show. These rooms go from anywhere from $150 per night to as high as over $600 a night.

Wynn Slot Tournament – Free Play

We played in the tournament, and afterwords attend the slot tournaments awards ceremony. Unfortunately, the writer did not win, but someone won $35,000 in free slot play. There were 20 winners in all of the free slot play. The rest of us and our companions got to enjoy complimentary drinks and munchies, including sliders, cheese, sandwiches can small cupcakes. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Always use your slot card when playing. You never know when you will be invited to something like this.

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Casino Restaurant Promotions

February 14th, 2014 ernie Posted in Promotions No Comments »

Casino Restaurant PromotionsLately we have found that casinos really want their customers to use their comp’s on their cards before approaching the slot host to find out what additional comp’s they might he entitled to. The writer had  a conversation with a slot host recently about this topic and she confirmed that all of the casinos are moving to this model.

For example, lets assume you have spent the afternoon playing the slots, using your slot card all of the time and racking up points on your slot card that is commensurate with the level of play and the amount of time you have gambled. You then decide to go for dinner at one of the restaurants in the casino. In the past you may have gone to the casino host to request a meal comp.

Casino Restaurant Promotions

This takes time and it can be sometimes frustrating if they have to deny your comp based on your play. Now you simply head to the restaurant of your choice and when it comes time to pay for the meal, they want you to use your comp’s that you have earned on your card to pay for the cost of the meal. You simply present your slot card to the waiter and they will run your card and deduct whatever comp you have on your card. If there is not quite enough, you just need to pay the difference in cash or by credit card.

Depending on how much you have played and the cost of the meal, the entire meal may be covered. If the full meal is not fully covered, You have several choices. You can then either pay cash, pay with a credit card. Charge it to your room for later consideration by the slot host before you check out.  We followed this latter approach at the last casino hotel we stayed at.

At the end of our stay, we met with the slot host who based on our play wrote the remaining food charges off. Even though the direct comps on our slot card were not enough to cover the total charges.  This is the approach that all slot card players should consider when gambling at a casino. Take full advantage of casino restaurant promotions. You only need to meet with a slot host once at the end of your stay prior to checking out of your room.

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