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Las Vegas Tips for First Timers

November 20th, 2018 ernie Posted in Las Vegas No Comments »

Las Vegas Tips for First TimersWhether it is your first time or you are a seasoned visitor to Las Vegas, check out these tips. Las Vegas tips for first timers  was put together through a combination of online searches as well as personal experience. The tips have been sorted gamblers, vacation only and business people. Most will find that there is something for everyone in each of the categories. Above all have fun when you visit Las Vegas. Control your gambling and the amount of alcohol you consume to ensure that you have a wonderful time while in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Tips for First Timers

There will also be some tips that are captured under several headings. They have slightly different meanings for each category.

Tips for Gamblers

  • Take gambling lessons – learn the basics of playing and understand the odds of winning. Spend some time reading up on the best games to play. The casinos are there to entertain you and most of all make money
  • Manage alcohol consumption – free drinks are part of the package while playing, however too many can cloud your judgement and ability to decide when to stop
  • Downtown Las Vegas – has better odds according to the roomers. There is also unique entertainment and less expensive rooms on average
  • Sign up for players clubs – whether you play the slots or the tables, always obtain a free player club membership. They track your play. The casinos award comps based on your play and can be worth hundreds of dollars
  • Rewards programs – they include free rooms, discounted rooms, free meals etc. Take advantage of these benefits to enhance your stay and reduce your overall costs.
  • Off-Strip hotels – they tend to be more competitive and perhaps a little quieter. Many offer shuttles to the strip
  • Maximize your comp’s – depending on your play talk to a slot host to understand what is available to you. Often they will offer a little more to get you to stay at their casino.
  • Gamble were you like to stay – If you enjoy a particular hotel, obtain a players card and play at the hotels casino. You may be offered free rooms in the future. Or perhaps free meals or a show while you are there.
  • Cash in when ahead – always walk away with cash when you are ahead. Over the long run casinos are betting you will lose all of your cash. The odds are in their favor.
  • Tipping – always tip the server. Good tips will ensure repeated service whenever you need your drink freshened up.
  • Restaurant reservations – ask your host to book a reservation and also obtain a line pass to avoid long lines at the buffet

Las Vegas Tips for First Timers & Consumers on Vacation

  • Plan your attack – there is lots to see in Las Vegas. Prepare a plan to ensure that you get to see the items high on your list
  • Bring walking shoes – even just walking in the hotel and casino involves lots of walking. These are big places. It is easy to put in 10000 steps just walking along the strip.
  • If possible, avoid peak dinner times – during busy times such as conferences and holidays, restaurants are full, wait times can be long other wise.
  • Happy hours – drinks can be expensive if you are buying, take advantage of the happy hours
  • Tipping – tipping is standard, however if you are playing the slots, drinks are free. You should tip for each drink you receive to ensure continued service
  • Downtown Las Vegas – take in the night time show on the street. It is closed off to traffic
  • Free attractions – there are lots of free attractions along the strip and downtown. The Mirage Volcano, the Bellagio fountains and the light show on Fremont street downtow to name a few
  • Don’t gamble – it is pretty hard not to. If you do set a limit and stick to that limit.
  • Convenience stores – there are several drug stores along the strip that sell just about everything you need for a quick snack and even a meal if you have the means to cook it.
  • Public transportation – buses run a regular schedule along the strip, downtown and thougout the city
  • Off-Strip hotel – take a shuttle to some of the off strip hotels, a taxi, Uber etc.
  • Visit at off-peak times – Everything is more expensive during peak times which include major holidays as well as large conferences. Shop around or pick another date to come to Vegas.
  • Carry a light jacket, water and sunscreen everywhere – It can be cool at night and it is very dry. You will need water with you especially in the summer when temperatures exceed 100F.
  • Anticipate resort fees and parking fees – most of the strip hotels are now charging a resort fee which is over and above the room rate you were quoted. There will also be taxes to pay as well. If you drive, there will be a daily parking fee.
  • Take lots of photos – this is one of the best way to remember your trip to Vegas
  • Understand the costume character game – if you take a photo of a costume character or a with one, expect to tip. That is how they earn their living.

Tips for Business Travelers

In addition to all of the above, here are a few more for business travelers to consider.

  • Distances are further than they appear- stay in the same hotel as your conference, meetings etc. It took the writer over 30 minutes to walk from his hotel to the one across the street on  one trip. walking through the casino, up escalators to cross the street and into the next casino and finally into the hotel conference area which is located at the back of the property.
  • Don’t buy drinks in the casino – drinks are very expensive in the casino if you are not playing. Take advantage of offers from your conference coordinator.
  • If possible, avoid peak dinner times – large conferences place a strain on restaurants. You may want to book a reservation before you even arrive in Las Vegas
  • Allow waiting time for cabs – the same applies to getting a cab. There are lots of them, however the lines can be long too.
  • Budget for resort fees and parking fees – make sure your budget includes up to $45 for resort fees and $20 per day for parking along with normal taxes on everything.

If you have tips you would like to add, feel free to leave your comments.

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Hotel Fees Increasing at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

May 21st, 2018 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius Guest Hotel Satisfaction SurveysWe have just been made aware that along with Hotel Fees Increasing at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, they are adding a resort fee and they are not as free with giving out river view rooms. First as of May 1st, the Aquarius hotel is charging a $10 resort fee on all rooms per night. While this is far less than the $35, hotels in Las Vegas, this will come as a big surprise for many patrons. It will not be long before they also charge for parking. But so far as at the time of writing, there is no word of a parking fee yet. If you are a slot card member, you may have these fees waived.

Hotel Fees Increasing at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

We received complimentary rooms the last time we stayed at the hotel and the resort fee was also complimentary. If we had to pay for the room, $10 would have been added to the cost of the room along with associated taxes as well.

Many patrons will be upset over this increase especially since there will be no decrease in the cost of the rooms per night. If you are comp’d for the room, there will be no resort fee charged. At least that was our experience the last time we stayed at the hotel at the beginning of May. Parking was still free, however we are not sure how long this will last.

Some patrons will clearly move to other hotels to avoid paying these fees. However we suspect that all of the hotels have banded together and will be charging this fee. In the case of the Aquarius, the hotel was purchased last year by a new owner. They have to generate added income to help pay for the debt they incurred as part of the purchase.

We will provide further updates as more information comes available.

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Changes at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

April 21st, 2018 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius Hotel Casino UpdateThere are Changes at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin and it is going to cost you more money! The Aquarius Casino and hotel was sold to a new owner last year and while it took them a few months, changes are now beginning to happen that will cost patrons more money. After all the new buyer must pay for the debt they took out to make the purchase.  For starters, anyone staying at the hotel will begin paying a resort fee of $10 per stay beginning May 1st, 2018. This is following the trend in Las Vegas and other locations. Many high end hotels in Las Vegas are charging as much as $35 resort fees per night stay.

Changes at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

What other changes are coming. Although there was no mention of parking fees yet, but it is just a matter of time before they begin charging parking fees as well. Laughlin has an entertainment venue where thousands of people come to listen to entertainers. Many use the parking garages, but do not go into the casino at all. The parking garages were built for the casino patrons. Many  casinos will start charging for parking in our estimation.

Those casino patrons who have a slot card and perhaps have a higher value slot card will likely be comp’d for rooms and meals. Patrons receiving free rooms will not be charged the resort fee as of the date this post was prepared. The same likely will apply to parking fees.

Casino hotels who charge resort fees may initially find that customers will complain and some will stay away from hotels in protest. Casino management find that this is temporary and customers just want to have a good time and they believe that their clients will just absorb it as part of their vacation costs or business costs.

If Las Vegas is any indication, occupancy rates are higher than ever and patrons have just ignored the extra charges. It is just part of the cost of doing business or going on vacation.

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Bellagio Water Show Fountains Las Vegas

September 21st, 2017 ernie Posted in Las Vegas No Comments »

The Bellagio in Las Vegas is a wonderful place to visit. Both indoors as well as outdoors. Whether you are staying at the Bellagio or somewhere else, everyone should take time to visit the fountains and the water show. The Bellagio water show and the fountains in Las Vegas are great to look at as well as calming and enjoyable. This particular picture shows the fountain just outside the lobby of the hotel. Behind the fountain, you have the valet entrance and the main lobby of the hotel and casino. Behind the person taking the picture is the man made lake with the water show that takes place every 20 to 30 minutes depending on weather conditions. If it gets too windy they sometimes post pone the show.

Bellagio Water Show Fountains Las Vegas

Las Vegas gets over 300 days a year with full sun shine. They also receive lots of hot temperature days, although the winter can be cool. On this particular day in April it was hitting a high of around 90F, which is pretty comfortable pool weather.

It was Easter weekend and there were thousands of people out enjoying the sites, visiting the water fountains and heading inside to view the Bellagio gardens. The gardens are really quite stunning and everyone should take the time to visit them when they are in Las Vegas.

The theme changes every month to coincide with whatever is going on. For example in the fall, they will decorate for thanksgiving. Easter was represented this year in April of course. We love going to Vegas and staying at the Bellagio hotel. Book early if you want to stay at this hotel, since rates go up as the hotel fills up. For more information about hotels in Las Vegas Nevada, click here.


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Finding Discounted Hotel Rooms at Expensive Las Vegas Hotels

August 21st, 2017 ernie Posted in Las Vegas No Comments »

Finding Discounted Hotel Rooms at Expensive Las Vegas HotelsFinding discounted hotel rooms at expensive Las Vegas hotels can be a challenge for many people, especially on weekends or when major events are taking place in Las Vegas. Many people are paying in excess of $200 a night for a room plus the resort fee, taxes and lately for parking. One night can suddenly balloon up to over $300 a night. This is way too expensive for many consumers visiting Las Vegas. They opt for cheaper hotels which frankly are not nearly as nice or comfortable. How do you go about finding discounted hotel rooms at expensive Las Vegas hotels?

Finding Discounted Hotel Rooms at Expensive Las Vegas Hotels

There are numerous ways to obtain rooms at far less expensive rates, which can also eliminate the parking fees and even the dreaded resort fee that all hotels charge in Las Vegas. Here is our list. While not all will apply to everyone, use these ideas when they work for you.

  • Book rooms well in advance
  • Stay during the week
  • Avoid periods when large conferences are taking place in the hotel or in the city
  • Negotiate your room rate
  • Tip the desk clerk to obtain a better room at check in
  • Obtain a slot card and subscribe to email notifications
  • Utilize offers from the casino or the hotel for less expensive rooms
  • Book stays as part of a Las Vegas vacation tour
  • Stay in Las Vegas during slower periods e.g. Dec

Slot cards keep track of your gambling in the casino. If you want to stay at a particular hotel and plan on gambling, use your slot card to add points and comps to your account. Depending on the amount of play, you may become eligible for discounted rooms, meals and even free rooms as well.  If your not a big gambler do not be concerned. Get a slot card anyway. They may offer you a discounted room rate during slow periods at the hotel.

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