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Search Light Nevada Nugget Casino

January 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in SearchLight 1 Comment »

We recently visited Searchlight, Nevada and went to the  Nugget Casino in Searchlight for lunch. There are two casinos in this little village, one is the Search Light Nevada Nugget CasinoSearch Light Nevada Nugget Casino and the other is called Terrible’s.

The village of Searchlight is at the intersection of routes 95 and 164 between Boulder City and Laughlin.  There is nothing around for miles. This old mining town is a great spot to stop for gas, perhaps a bite to eat and also perhaps a bit of gambling.

The address is for those that need it is: 100 N. Hwy. 95, P.O. Box 187, Searchlight, NV 89406 . The phone number is (702)297-1201.

The Searchlight Nugget is a neat little casino with a bar, a small restaurant in the casino. Of course approximately 90 slot machines. The town of Searchlight sports another casino, a gas station, a school. Also a small home development along with the usual set of trailers that make up the small population. People living in Searchlight, either work at the local businesses or work at the Lake Mohave park a few miles away.

Search Light Nevada Nugget Casino – Restaurant

The restaurant was busy when we stopped. We sat at the counter, since all of the tables were already taken and we also like to sit at the counter as a means of meeting people to learn about the surrounding area.  Well, the food was ok, however we were not overly impressed with the service. It took a long time to get our meal, perhaps because they were already busy when we arrived.

There was one major turn off for us and that was the waiters that served us. They were very nice people, friendly and offering good service. They talked to us, inquired where we were from, since it was pretty obvious that we were tourists. The thing that turned us off was their teeth. The obviously could not afford a dentist and as a result some were missing teeth and many of the teeth they still had were black. It is not a pretty site to look at when you are having your meal and someone is talking and smiling at you with a mouthful of bad teeth.  Some may say we are being snobbish or overly critical, however it was a shock to us. You just do not expect this when you are in a public restaurant that offers meals etc. The waiters lived in Searchlight or in a small trailer park a few miles away.


The Searchlight Nugget has 99 slot and video machines including an old western style “Mills Black Beauty” cowboy slot machine. The Searchlight Nugget has three gaming tables, a small bar/lounge with an old time Rock-Ola music box and a cashiers cage for change and to pay your restaurant check.

You can also take a 20 mile  drive over to Lake Mohave. The area – which is warm year-round – has some of the best water sports and outdoor adventure in the state. You can enjoy nature hikes, biking and horseback riding along the shore or you can rent a Jet Ski, sailboat, motorboat, canoe or kayak and get on the water. This is a state park and you will have to pay an entrance fee to get into the park. The Searchlight Nugget Casino Bar has live entertainment every weekend in the form of local and regional bands.

Reviews of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight

Although we have visited the Nugget Casino in Searchlight, we were also interested in what other people thought of the casino and the restaurant. Many found this to be a quaint little place with good food and a place to spend a few dollars at on the slots.

No one mentioned anything about bad service or really any major negatives. It is not a Las Vegas casino , that is for sure, but it is a nice spot to stop over at on your way to Vegas or to Laughlin , Nevada or points further south along route 95. For information and links to Las Vegas casinos, click here.


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