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Rideau Carleton Casino

November 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Rideau Carleton No Comments »

Rideau Carleton CasinoThe Rideau Carleton Racetrack Casino in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is one of the least competitive casinos that we know of when it comes to comps and promotions. It is run by the provincial government who is intent on taxing Canadians as much as possible and they do not allow any competition. As a result they do not offer many comp’s and if they do the comp’s are not very lucrative compared to other locations.

Lower Competition Leads to Low Promotions at Rideau Carleton Casino

It is the only casino in the city and as a result it is very crowded, but the comp’s are very limited, the cash back and free play are minimal compared to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino for example in upper state New York. The other major factor that we noticed as well is that the people working at the Rideau Carleton Casino are decidedly not friendly compared to other casinos that we have been to. Even the servers are not friendly even when you tip them and the slot attendants who pay the jackpots have their hands out for tips. This is after making you wait for 10 or 15 minutes for them to acknowledge that you won a jack pot.  This is not one of our favorite places to go based on service and level of promotions and casino comp’s.

We added a check list of casino comps and / or promotions to this post and others that we will be doing, which you can see below. Not all comps and promotions will be of interest to you. If there are some that you do not understand leave us a comment and we will add a post to let you know what they are. If we missed a comp or if there is a new promotion we are not aware of let us know and we will add it.

We will complete and add comments about the other two casinos that we included on this chart shortly. Watch for these posts or view our categories.

Comparison Chart

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Casino Akwesasne Rideau Carleton Lac Lemay
Free Alcoholic Drinks No, low prices No, very expensive No, very expensive
Free Soft Drinks Yes Yes, must tip Yes, must tip
Free play Yes, lucrative Yes, not lucrative Yes, not lucrative
Free Rooms Yes No Yes
Discounted Rooms Yes No Yes
Free Wifi Yes,casino and hotel No No
Free Newspaper No No No
Free Spa Yes, depends on play No No
Free Tickets Yes, depends on Play Yes No
Free Bridge Pass Yes, use points No No
Free travel No No No
Senior Discounts Yes on specific days No No
Half Price Deals Yes on specific days No No
Free Draws Yes Yes No
Free Ticket Promotions Yes No No
Random In Your Seat draws Yes No No
Multi Times Points Yes, 5 times, 13 times No No
Personal Slot Host Yes No Yes


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