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Two Slot Cards on One Account

June 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Two Slot Cards on One AccountAll casinos offer slot cards and they all suggest that each person have their own card to track their play separately. There are several reasons why you really should follow this approach. For example when it comes to cashing in your comp’s, especially free play most people want to play their own free play and not share with their spouse or partner. Also if you win a large jackpot you may need to pay tax on it. The tax slip must be issued to the person that won the jackpot and not necessarily the slot card player. If you need a win loss statement it will only be issued to the person registered on the slot card. A win loss statement can mean that you get a refund on your taxes! Two Slot Cards on One Account is not always the best approach.

Two Slot Cards on One Account

Many couples will ask for two cards in the same name figuring that their points will add up faster. They will receive comp’s faster. While this is true in many casinos, some have decided that this approach is not following their rules. As a result they will discontinue a card if it is not being played in a machine beside the first card. Points are lost and the player loses out on comp’s as a result. If players playing on the same card, are playing adjacent to each other, the casino will usually let this go. If they play on machines that are far apart, the casino may decide that this is really not the same person. They may disallow one or both cards until the player comes to the casino host to discuss the issue.

We suggest that each player have their own card for these reasons. Many casinos will combine two cards if requested to determine comp’s for things like free rooms. Free play and meals are awarded on a card basis only at most casinos.

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When Can I Get the Best Casino Comp’s

March 7th, 2015 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

When Can I Get the Best Casino Comp'sWhen can I get the best casino comp’s? The answer is pretty straight forward and only requires a little flexibility in terms of when you travel and a little effort on your part. First and foremost you must be a casino slot card member. Inserting this card into the slot machine when you are playing will ensure that the casino knows you are playing, how long you are playing and how much money you actually gamble with. Based on these statistics, they will offer you a variety of casino comp’s which can include free meals, free rooms, free play and even transportation if you are a high roller. Once you have accumulated points etc, the trick is to know when to use them to maximize your return in terms of casino comp’s.

When Can I Get the Best Casino Comp’s

the absolute best time to maximize your casino comp’s is when they are not too busy. For example, one casino with a hotel attached to it is experiencing a slow period right now. A combination of the weather, the fact that there are no meetings or conferences going on all contribute to a low occupancy rate in the hotel and not many people in the casino. This is the best time to score a free room, maybe a couple of free meals etc, because they want to get people coming to the casino and gambling.

The worst time to go to a casino in terms of comp’s is when the hotel is full of convention attendees. One time we tried to book a room during a major conference and not only were we not comp’d for the room, they wanted to charge us $700 a night because they only had a few rooms left. This is for a room that normally sold for $100 a night and was normally comp’d during slower periods. It really pays to time your visit with the slower periods if you want to maximize your comp’s and save money for what you really like to do and that is gambling.

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Best Time to Visit Casino Hotels

January 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses 1 Comment »

Best Time to Visit Casino HotelsIf you have any flexibility in planning your vacation, the best time to visit casino hotels is whenever they are not busy. This is usually between conventions, off season time frames, and during weather events. If you are looking for an inexpensive vacation and have the flexibility in terms of when you go to Vegas, Biloxi, Laughlin, Tunica, or Atlantic City, this is the best time to get a deal. Combine timing with your slot or table play and you can most likely be comp’d for rooms, meals, and even be provided free play to gamble with. Casinos without hotels attached to them are at a bit of a disadvantage in this regard since they can only provide meal comp’s, free play, and sometimes free tickets to shows if they have that kind of venue.

Best Time to Visit Casino Hotels – Play where you Want to Stay

My wife and I have this discussion a great deal. There are some casinos where she feels that she is luckier or likes the ambiance of the casino better. She would rather spend time at these casinos compared to some others. Sometimes they have hotels associated with them and sometimes it is just a casino and a couple of restaurants.

The basic message is that if you like to stay at a particular casino with a hotel and want to receive comp’s for free rooms at this hotel then you had better spend some time playing the slots or the tables at this casino. They will notice this amount of play through their tracking system and aim to get you coming back again and again. If you are wondering how casinos make these decisions, there are a number of factors that go into the analysis. Each casino will attach more or less importance to some areas than others to make their final ranking, however, the bottom line is to spend time in the casino you want to stay at.

Some of the factors that the casino marketing people look at when making these decisions are as follows:

  • Time spent playing at slot machines and tables
  • Amount of average bet per hour
  • Speed of betting
  • Win loss ratio
  • How often do you come to the casino
  • Do you live far away¬† from the casino
  • How much do you play in terms of time and money each visit
  • What games do you play
  • Comp’s already received and used.

There may be other factors, but these are the main areas that are assessed.

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Best Online Casino Bonus

August 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Best Online Casino BonusThe best online casino bonus is the potential Freeplay that online casinos can provide to their customers, either as an incentive to join their online games or to reward customers who have played a great deal. Online gamblers should really think of free play as free money. They can use this money to possible win some of their money back, however in practice at most casinos, online or the real thing, this seldom happens. Online Casinos are limited to what they can offer their customers due to the very fact that they are online and not a brick and mortar type of casino. The best online casino bonus cannot compare to what the real casinos can offer.

Customers can be rewarded with meals, free rooms, free entertainment even free travel or rounds of golf depending on how much you play and how much money you spend. The online casinos have a difficult time with these kinds of offers unless they are affiliated with a live casino. Sometimes you can be offered some of the free items we mentioned as long as you continue to play online and frequent the gambling tables online.

Compare Casino Bonus – Best Online Casino Bonus

If you enjoy gambling and like the free things that come with gambling compare winnings and benefits. Compare what you can earn or be rewarded with at all casinos, not just the online ones. In actual fact, your free things are part of your winnings. You do have to eat and sleep somewhere. Most people also take vacations as well, so why not have the casinos pay for it if you are going to spend the money anyway.

Avoid Traps to Spend More Money

The biggest trap is being enticed to spend more money than what you can afford. To some extent free play awards are doing just that. They are enticing you to continue playing. They are enticing you to use you own money once you run out of free play. The classic, I have a hot machine, in most cases does not last. Many people find that their free play and their cash dry up quickly. That is why the writer likes combo’s of free play and other free things. Such as free rooms and meals which are tangible and have value in our opinion.

Good luck with the best online casino bonus awards.

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Aquarius Casino Comp’s

August 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Aquarius Casino Comp's The Aquarius Casino and Hotel in Laughlin Nevada is probably the best hotel in the city to stay at. There are two towers with the casino in the middle. Families and parties stay in the tower on the north side. Couples looking for a quieter room usually stay in the south tower. Both hotel towers and their elevators are located just off the casino floor.

Duet has opened in the last year, it is a coffee shop similar to Starbucks with higher prices because it is attached to the hotel. There’s also a subway and a McDonald’s if you’re looking for something inexpensive. There is also a coffee shop with a full √† la cart menu, and the buffet that serves fantastic food at reasonable prices. There is an outback restaurant and also another restaurant called the vineyard which we have not tried. For your money, we suggest eating at the buffet where you can enjoy two alcoholic drinks along with your meal.

Aquarius Casino – Seafood Night

On Friday nights they have king crab legs, and on Saturday night it is a seafood buffet. If you like seafood this is the place to go to and they have the best crab legs that we’ve had in many places.

For those people looking for free Wi-Fi Internet access, enjoy your coffee at the duet and connect to the Wi-Fi for free at this location. If you want to use the Wi-Fi in your room, it’s going to cost you at least $10 a day.

The Aquarius Casino Hotel is located along the Colorado River. There is a walkway that allows you to walk from one end of the casino strip to the other. You can go in and out of all of the casinos and access them by this walkway that runs along the Colorado River past all the hotels with the exception of Harrahs .

You can also catch a water taxi across the river to the other side in Bullhead or down the river to any of the hotels. There are daily jet boat rides along the river to points south and you can also rent Sea-Doo’s to cruise the river. This is a very fast flowing river and the water is quite cold so be sure to wear life jackets and wetsuits for protection if you’re going to go on any of the Sea do’s or if you plan to go swimming. In fact we recommend that you do not go swimming in the Colorado River.

For more details about casino bonuses, click here.

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