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Best Time to Visit Casino Hotels

Best Time to Visit Casino HotelsIf you have any flexibility in planning your vacation, the best time to visit casino hotels is whenever they are not busy. This is usually between conventions, off season time frames, and during weather events. If you are looking for an inexpensive vacation and have the flexibility in terms of when you go to Vegas, Biloxi, Laughlin, Tunica, or Atlantic City, this is the best time to get a deal. Combine timing with your slot or table play and you can most likely be comp’d for rooms, meals, and even be provided free play to gamble with. Casinos without hotels attached to them are at a bit of a disadvantage in this regard since they can only provide meal comp’s, free play, and sometimes free tickets to shows if they have that kind of venue.

Best Time to Visit Casino Hotels – Play where you Want to Stay

My wife and I have this discussion a great deal. There are some casinos where she feels that she is luckier or likes the ambiance of the casino better. She would rather spend time at these casinos compared to some others. Sometimes they have hotels associated with them and sometimes it is just a casino and a couple of restaurants.

The basic message is that if you like to stay at a particular casino with a hotel and want to receive comp’s for free rooms at this hotel then you had better spend some time playing the slots or the tables at this casino. They will notice this amount of play through their tracking system and aim to get you coming back again and again. If you are wondering how casinos make these decisions, there are a number of factors that go into the analysis. Each casino will attach more or less importance to some areas than others to make their final ranking, however, the bottom line is to spend time in the casino you want to stay at.

Some of the factors that the casino marketing people look at when making these decisions are as follows:

  • Time spent playing at slot machines and tables
  • Amount of average bet per hour
  • Speed of betting
  • Win loss ratio
  • How often do you come to the casino
  • Do you live far away¬† from the casino
  • How much do you play in terms of time and money each visit
  • What games do you play
  • Comp’s already received and used.

There may be other factors, but these are the main areas that are assessed.

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