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What Casino Hotels are Still Open in Atlantic City

December 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Atlantic City No Comments »

What Casino Hotels are Still Open in Atlantic CityIf you are planning a trip to Atlantic City and staying at one of the casino hotels it is important to ask, what casino hotels are still open in Atlantic City. We will answer this questions and give you a status update on each one as of the time of writing this post. There is no question that Atlantic city is struggling due to a number of reasons including competition from other casinos in surrounding states. As well as economic issues related to taxes and tolls just to get there. For many patrons, it is just easier to go to their local casino.

What Casino Hotels are Still Open in Atlantic City

The following are still open and doing relatively well compared to results in 2013. After each hotel name we show the total revenue and the percentage change from 2013.

Borgata: 687.2, +10.7 percent
Harrah’s: 365.3, +2.5
Caesar’s: 330.6, -1.7
Tropicana: 297.2, +29.9
Bally’s: 224.8, -8
Trump Taj Mahal: 215.8, -16.9
Golden Nugget: 185.5, +48.4
Resorts: 139.3, +6.6

It should be noted that Trump Taj Mahal has been purchased and recently closed. Restructuring and union concessions have not worked out to allow the casino and hotel to stay open.

The remaining hotels and casinos are still open. However it should be noted that Caesars Corporate is going through bankruptcy proceedings. They own three of the above hotels.


Showboat: $110.5, closed Aug. 31
Revel: 98.1, closed Sept. 2
Trump Plaza: 45.4, closed Sept. 16
Atlantic Club: 3.9, closed Jan. 13

The Revel has been purchased. But is not near reopening due to lawsuits and fines from the city that are still under discussion.

The Trump Plaza casino will stay closed for at least 10 years as part of a tax savings measure.

The Atlantic Club is still closed. However, there are proposals to refurbish it into a water park and upscale hotel

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Is the Borgata Casino Atlantic City Still Open

December 7th, 2015 ernie Posted in Atlantic City No Comments »

Borgata Casino AtlanticGamers who are wondering is the Borgata Casino Atlantic City still open will be pleased to hear that it is. They will not only be pleased to hear that it is, it is also doing very well. In fact for the year 2014, revenue was up 10.7% from a year earlier. It is too early to report 2015, but all indications are pointing in the same direction for the current year. There may be a number of reasons that they are doing well compared to the other casinos on the boardwalk.  Four casinos have closed and eight are still open. Of those that are still open, three lost money in 2014, while the others gained.

Is the Borgata Casino Atlantic City Still Open

The Borgata is located away from the boardwalk and some would argue that this is a competitive disadvantage. However once you are there, unless you take car, taxi or jitney, your pretty much going to spend your time at the Borgata. Coupled with the fact that it is relatively new and a nice place to stay at, the casino and hotel have actually grown in revenue year over year at a rate of 10.7%

It also must be managed well and financed well compared to the Revel, which was on the boardwalk and brand new. The Revel is closed and bankrupt. It may reopen, however it is too early to know what will take place with regards to the Revel.

With four casinos closing in 2014, the other remaining casinos have picked up their clientele. The Borgata has certainly benefited from this situation as well. Customers that would normally go to the Revel, Taj Mahal, Showboat, Plaza and the Atlantic Club are now going to the other hotels including the Borgata.

There is no doubt about it. The Borgata is the nicest hotel in Atlantic City and well worth the money when you stay in Atlantic City.


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New Jersey Casino Hotels Closing

November 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Atlantic City No Comments »

New Jersey Casino Hotels ClosingIt is a shame really, but four New Jersey Casino Hotels Closing  this fall throwing thousands of people out of work. The Revel, the Trump Plaza, the Showboat and the Atlantic Club Casino closed this year. Revenues are down 6.2% from last year and there is no relief in site so the owners are being forced to close these properties.

It has been rumored that the Revel hotel is being purchased by a company named Brookfield out of Las Vegas. They are getting a real bargain if this deal goes though. The Revel was built at a cost of $2.4 billion several years ago. It will be picked up for a paltry $110 million dollars. Details of the deal have not been disclosed although we do know that they are negotiating with the city to lower the taxes paid on the property. As of mid 2016, it is still under negotiations.

New Jersey Casino Hotels Closing – Taxes

The city and the state want their share of taxes and have not been willing to forgo the taxes that have been collected in previous years. The City of Atlantic City is also suffering from reduced tax revenue from property taxes. Tourism taxes and is looking for ways to beef this up. This is one of the major reasons people are staying away in droves. Tolls(another form of taxes) on the highways are expensive and parking fees take another bite out of tourist visitors. Both suffer substantially when people stay away from the Atlantic City area.

New Jersey Casino Hotels Closing – Competition

The other major reason consumers are staying home, particularly those that gamble is that they now have a choice of going to local casinos in surrounding states. Practically every state is getting into the act and running their own casinos to keep this revenue in the state. This provides a very difficult competitive problem for Atlantic City especially in the fall, winter and spring. The beaches may draw people in the summer to the area. It is a cold place along the coast in the winter time.

We hope Atlantic city finds a solution to this problem. We hope that the city also gets into the act of being more competitive to save this tourism business and the jobs of thousands of people.

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Casino Hotels Closing in Atlantic City

October 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Atlantic City No Comments »

Casino Hotels Closing in Atlantic CityThe Trump Plaza, Revel, The Showboat and the Atlantic Casino are closing placing a minimum of 8000 people out of work and delivering a severe blow to the economy of Atlantic City. All Levels of government are meeting to see what they can do to deal with this problem. However, the issues are very significant. Some can be fixed while others are beyond the scope of what the casino owners and the government can do. In our opinion, there are several major issues that are at the root of this downward spiral. It all has to do with competition. While Atlantic city controls the casino market on the eastern seaboard, life was good and business did well. Unfortunately, a number of things got in the way. Meanwhile Casino Hotels Closing in Atlantic City continues.

Casino Hotels Closing – Competition

Surrounding states were tired of losing money to New Jersey and built casinos of their own. This fact alone siphoned millions of dollars from Atlantic City. Not only the casinos lost, but so did the supporting businesses. Consumers just found it easier to drive to their local casino. Especially in the winter than to drive for several hours to get to Atlantic City.

Another deterrent is the high cost of tolls along the various highways. Individually they do not amount to much. They do add up over longer distances. Tolls are a big irritant to many people including tourists who might visit Atlantic City.

Free parking is almost a given when you go to a casino, but not in Atlantic City. When they began charging for parking driven by the city and increased the tolls just to get to the city, I think that this was the beginning of the end. The city and the casinos just could not sustain the taxes and the tolls and also keep tourists coming to Atlantic City.

Unless the local and state governments give some money back, Atlantic city is going to see hard times and tourists are going to stay away in droves. That is my opinion, what’s yours?

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Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels Deals

July 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Atlantic City No Comments »

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels DealsAtlantic city boardwalk hotels deals are available now that are among the best in the nation. Atlantic City took a huge hit from hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012. From the press reports, many Americans and visitors from other countries have the impression that the boardwalk along the casino strip was wrecked. Also that the casinos were badly damaged. There was a several block section that was damaged and torn up in a noncommercial area of the beach. However, the boardwalk in front of the casinos was hardly damaged at all. The Sand dunes in front of the boardwalk protected the boardwalk and the casinos from the pounding waves.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels Deals – Travel is Down

However, as a result of all of the media reports and the fact that many people in the New Jersey and New York City area took a hit from Sandy, travel is down over 50% to the Atlantic City casinos. As a result, there are lots of deals available for tourists visiting the area.  Atlantic city hotels are offering great deals to gain their customers back. In case you are wondering if this is a paid post for the casinos it is not at all. The writer is a long time visitor to Atlantic City. We were not planning to go this summer due to all of the bad media reports.

Based on some online reports and searches, it is obvious the media has done an injustice to this area of Atlantic City. I am looking at a webcam that is live, right now on the boardwalk in front of the resort’s hotel and it is as if nothing has happened. The boardwalk looks perfect and there appears to be no damage at all. I am sure that at the time, there was a lot of clean up needed and repairs, however, they seem to have accomplished that and it all looks great from the view of the camera transmitting pictures.

Time to Obtain Deals from Atlantic City Hotels

Atlantic city hotels will work hard to gain back all of their tourist traffic on Memorial day. Also over the summer period when the majority of people visit. You can expect great deals to attract people to the area. They want them to come to the casinos and the restaurants along the boardwalk. It will be interesting to see just how many small business owners suffer due to lost business from lack of tourists vs. the damage that was caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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