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Is the Borgata Casino Atlantic City Still Open

Borgata Casino AtlanticGamers who are wondering is the Borgata Casino Atlantic City still open will be pleased to hear that it is. They will not only be pleased to hear that it is, it is also doing very well. In fact for the year 2014, revenue was up 10.7% from a year earlier. It is too early to report 2015, but all indications are pointing in the same direction for the current year. There may be a number of reasons that they are doing well compared to the other casinos on the boardwalk.  Four casinos have closed and eight are still open. Of those that are still open, three lost money in 2014, while the others gained.

Is the Borgata Casino Atlantic City Still Open

The Borgata is located away from the boardwalk and some would argue that this is a competitive disadvantage. However once you are there, unless you take car, taxi or jitney, your pretty much going to spend your time at the Borgata. Coupled with the fact that it is relatively new and a nice place to stay at, the casino and hotel have actually grown in revenue year over year at a rate of 10.7%

It also must be managed well and financed well compared to the Revel, which was on the boardwalk and brand new. The Revel is closed and bankrupt. It may reopen, however it is too early to know what will take place with regards to the Revel.

With four casinos closing in 2014, the other remaining casinos have picked up their clientele. The Borgata has certainly benefited from this situation as well. Customers that would normally go to the Revel, Taj Mahal, Showboat, Plaza and the Atlantic Club are now going to the other hotels including the Borgata.

There is no doubt about it. The Borgata is the nicest hotel in Atlantic City and well worth the money when you stay in Atlantic City.


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