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Hotel Fees Increasing at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

May 21st, 2018 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius Guest Hotel Satisfaction SurveysWe have just been made aware that along with Hotel Fees Increasing at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, they are adding a resort fee and they are not as free with giving out river view rooms. First as of May 1st, the Aquarius hotel is charging a $10 resort fee on all rooms per night. While this is far less than the $35, hotels in Las Vegas, this will come as a big surprise for many patrons. It will not be long before they also charge for parking. But so far as at the time of writing, there is no word of a parking fee yet. If you are a slot card member, you may have these fees waived.

Hotel Fees Increasing at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

We received complimentary rooms the last time we stayed at the hotel and the resort fee was also complimentary. If we had to pay for the room, $10 would have been added to the cost of the room along with associated taxes as well.

Many patrons will be upset over this increase especially since there will be no decrease in the cost of the rooms per night. If you are comp’d for the room, there will be no resort fee charged. At least that was our experience the last time we stayed at the hotel at the beginning of May. Parking was still free, however we are not sure how long this will last.

Some patrons will clearly move to other hotels to avoid paying these fees. However we suspect that all of the hotels have banded together and will be charging this fee. In the case of the Aquarius, the hotel was purchased last year by a new owner. They have to generate added income to help pay for the debt they incurred as part of the purchase.

We will provide further updates as more information comes available.

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Changes at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

April 21st, 2018 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius Hotel Casino UpdateThere are Changes at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin and it is going to cost you more money! The Aquarius Casino and hotel was sold to a new owner last year and while it took them a few months, changes are now beginning to happen that will cost patrons more money. After all the new buyer must pay for the debt they took out to make the purchase.  For starters, anyone staying at the hotel will begin paying a resort fee of $10 per stay beginning May 1st, 2018. This is following the trend in Las Vegas and other locations. Many high end hotels in Las Vegas are charging as much as $35 resort fees per night stay.

Changes at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin

What other changes are coming. Although there was no mention of parking fees yet, but it is just a matter of time before they begin charging parking fees as well. Laughlin has an entertainment venue where thousands of people come to listen to entertainers. Many use the parking garages, but do not go into the casino at all. The parking garages were built for the casino patrons. Many  casinos will start charging for parking in our estimation.

Those casino patrons who have a slot card and perhaps have a higher value slot card will likely be comp’d for rooms and meals. Patrons receiving free rooms will not be charged the resort fee as of the date this post was prepared. The same likely will apply to parking fees.

Casino hotels who charge resort fees may initially find that customers will complain and some will stay away from hotels in protest. Casino management find that this is temporary and customers just want to have a good time and they believe that their clients will just absorb it as part of their vacation costs or business costs.

If Las Vegas is any indication, occupancy rates are higher than ever and patrons have just ignored the extra charges. It is just part of the cost of doing business or going on vacation.

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Aquarius Casino Hotel Laughlin sold to Golden Entertainment

July 21st, 2017 ernie Posted in Laughlin 1 Comment »

Aquarius Hotel Casino sold The Aquarius Casino Hotel Laughlin sold to Golden Entertainment is the latest news for the Laughlin Nevada casino market. We just got an email from the hotel advising of the change. We are slot members at the Aquarius Casino Hotel and are on their email distribution list. The hotel was sold to the Golden Entertainment group.  There was not much other news. Further, we have lots of questions. What is the impact on various comps we usually receive?

They offer free rooms and free play. Will this change, will they tighten up the slots? Will the continue with various upgrades that the Aquarius has been working on? The Aquarius Casino Hotel Laughlin sold to Golden Entertainment in June 2017.

Aquarius Casino Hotel Laughlin sold to Golden Entertainment

We included a copy of the email sent to us for your information. More to come on this deal and the impact on gamers and players in the future.

From the desk of the General Manager
Sean Hammond

As you know, our goal at Aquarius Casino Resort has always been to deliver the most entertaining experience possible. We consistently seek out new ways to make your time with us memorable. Consequently, whether it’s an upcoming event or tournament, or an improvement in our amenities, we look forward to sharing exciting news with you.

Our parent company, American Casino & Entertainment Properties, LLC is being sold to another renowned gaming organization, Golden Entertainment, Inc. Our team is excited about the opportunity to grow with Golden Entertainment. Especially because we know we’ll be able to provide the same level of superior service you’ve grown accustomed to. Your winning experience here at Aquarius is priority. You know from your history with us how sincere we are about that.

Golden Entertainment

I also wanted to give you a quick overview of Golden Entertainment. Golden Entertainment will operate over 15,800 slot machines, 114 table games. Also more than 5,100 hotel rooms across eight casino properties (currently, the four casinos they operate include three in Pahrump, Nevada: Pahrump Nugget, Gold Town and Lakeside, and one in Flintstone, Maryland called Rocky Gap). Golden Entertainment is also the largest tavern operator in Nevada. They have 55 locations that include PT’s Pub, PT’s Gold, PT’s Brewing, PT’s Ranch, Sean Patrick’s, Sierra Gold, and SG Bar.

The purchase of ACEP was announced on June 12th.  The management of Golden Entertainment maintains a long history of gaming experience in the Las Vegas region. They have an outstanding reputation for creating successful, well-run properties. We expect a smooth transition.

I will keep you updated as things progress. I am also proud to be able to share this news with you.I look forward to seeing you at the Aquarius!

Sean Hammond
General Manager

For more information about the Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin, click here.

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Laughlin Casinos and Hotels

November 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Laughlin Casinos and HotelsThere are 10 Laughlin Casinos and Hotels in the Laughlin Nevada area. We have listed them in alphabetical order later on in this post. They all have their positives and negatives. However for our money the Aquarius and the Golden Nugget are probably the nicest of them all. Some accept pets. Some have accommodations for RV parking. All but the Tropicana and the AVI are located next to the Colorado River. The Tropicana is across the street and within walking distance of the walkway that runs along the river to all of the hotels except for the AVI and Harrahs. Harrahs is located off by itself and really can only be reached by car, although it is in the town of Laughlin and on the river. The AVI is several miles away on Indian property, with a really great beach and pool area on the Colorado River.

Laughlin Casinos and Hotels – List

  • Aquarius – smoking, RV parking, on the Colorado River, ok pool
  • AVI – smoking, RV parking, on the Colorado River, beach, golf, nice pool
  • Colorado Belle – smoking, limited RV parking, on the Colorado River
  • Edgewater – smoking, limited RV parking, on the Colorado River
  • Golden Nugget – smoking, limited RV parking, on the Colorado River, nice pool
  • Harrahs – smoking, on the Colorado River, ok pool
  • Laughlin River Lodge – smoking, RV parking, on the Colorado River
  • Pioneer – smoking, limited RV parking, on the Colorado River
  • Regency – smoking, limited RV parking, on the Colorado River
  • Riverside – smoking, RV parking, on the Colorado River, antique car display
  • Tropicana – smoking, RV parking

The rates vary a great deal at these hotels. However unless there is some large event taking place, you can usually find rates that we much less than $100 a night. They may even be free if you are using a slot card and call the casino host.

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Laughlin Hotels Best Prices

November 7th, 2015 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Laughlin Hotels Best PricesThere are several ways to find Laughlin hotel’s best prices. There are the usual ones such as going on one of the many travel web sites. However they are in the business of making money. They only get paid if you make a reservation with a hotel and pay through their website. The casino will never offer you prices based on your casino play for example. They will never offer you group deals and they will never offer you a negotiated price. You can find excellent deals and often the best prices that the hotel is offering online. However there are other ways to find Laughlin hotel’s best prices. Even the online prices by hotels are sometimes not what they will offer when you call direct and book a room. The best method by far is to comparison shop using all of the tools available to you.

Laughlin Hotels Best Prices – Slot Cards

By far the best approach, particularly if you have played the slots at any of the casinos in Laughlin is to call the casino and see if you are eligible for any casino rated rooms. Check the travel web sites first so that you know what the hotels are asking via the web site for a room on the dates that you are looking for. Armed with this knowledge, call the hotel-casino directly, give them your slot card number and request a room rate.

Chances are you have played the slots on previous trips and used your slot card. There is a good chance that you will be offered a reduced room rate or perhaps even a free room. If you are going to the casino and plan to play the slots you may as well get the best deal you can. Laughlin hotel’s best prices are always better than Las Vegas hotel deals. It is a smaller market and fewer hotels, however, they are competing with Las Vegas and must offer lower prices.

Always call the casino slot host for the best deals, what have you got to lose?

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