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Millennials Prefer Skill Based Games

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Millennials Prefer Skill Based GamesCasinos across the country are reporting improved slot machine revenue. More players are coming to the casinos and they are playing larger amounts for each wager. This is good news since the recession years, 2008 – 2009 were pretty dismal for many casino’s. It is good news that patrons are returning to the casino floor, however, there is one group that is not showing up to gamble at the slot machines. These are the millennials, born in the 80’s and 90’s, fed a steady diet of interactive games on their computers, tablets and smart phones. Millennials prefer skill based games. They want the same experience in the casino and to date there are just not many slot machines that will provide this kind of experience.

Millennials Prefer Skill Based Games

As a result when millennials do go to the casino, they are playing poker, black jack and other skill based games. Gaming companies and the casinos are getting together to design new games that will deliver the interactive experience they are looking for as well as add a social element to the gaming experience.

Millennials are looking for interactive games that require some level of skill that they feel will give them a chance to win at the game. This is the basis of what they have been doing for the last 30 years as they play on their computers, game machines and smart phones.

They are also looking for a social aspect to the games. Many want to know how they are doing relative to other people who are playing. They want to be able compare, make comments and interact with other players. Millennials are able to achieve some levels of both skill and social elements when they play poker and black jack. However for the casinos to attract larger numbers of the millennial generation, they need to design interactive social slot machines to meet this need.

Look for regulations to change, for new games to appear on the casino floor over the next few years as the industry adapts to the changing demographic.

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Competition from Online Casinos

December 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Online Gambling 1 Comment »

Competition from Online CasinosWe have been wondering if competition from online casinos will affect many of the brick-and-mortar casinos? As we tour the country and visit a variety of locations we are finding that some locations are extremely busy. While others are struggling. It really depends on the local market. Also how much competition there is from other casinos as well as competition from online casinos.

For example in Ottawa Ontario there are only two casinos. Both are packed almost every night. While there may be competition from online casinos in the Ottawa area, the market is far from being oversold. In fact the Ottawa area could do with a third casino to handle the demand. In other locations such as Tunica, Mississippi there are at least 10 casinos. They are struggling to stay open. There simply is not enough population in the Memphis area. It is close to Tunica to drive business for 10 casinos, and the online casino business is taking it’s toll.

Competition from Online Casinos – Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is also struggling however they are changing their business model and to all appearances succeeding. They have added the conference business, the wedding business, and tourism to the traditional mix of casino gambling. Add to that professional high quality entertainment and you have a huge draw for people to come to Las Vegas to spend money for their vacation.

Other locations such as Atlantic City are struggling because of competition from online casinos, taxation from the city and state, tolls on roads. Consumers even have to parking fees just to visit the casinos. In addition neighborhood states have built other casinos in their area to keep some of the gambling revenue in their state. As a result with all of this competition places like Atlantic City or now seeing casinos closing rather than stay open and lose more money.

We feel that you get far more value from the traditional brick-and-mortar casino however there is a definite attraction for people to play online and play their favorite games. The gambling business in North America is still evolving and there is a shake out taking place that is driven in part by the economy, by online casino gambling and government need for revenue. There will be more changes coming in the future.

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Traditional Casinos Closing

October 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Online Gambling No Comments »

Traditional Casinos ClosingThere is a great deal of competition in the casino industry and now there seems to be a bit of a shakeout starting with a number of traditional casinos closing. It used to be that there were really just four main places to go to for gambling. These were in order of size РLas Vegas, Atlantic City, Tunica, Biloxi and perhaps Laughlin. They worked with local governments and they prospered.  Unfortunately a number of events have taken place that are dealing some of these locations a financial blow that is tough to come back from. Some have even closed, gone bankrupt and reopened under new owners.

Traditional Casinos Closing – Atlantic City

The first big names to fall by the way side are several of the casinos in Atlantic City. Atlantic city has been for many years the go to place for gambling in addition to the beaches. There were approximately  twelve casinos along the boardwalk and in the marina area. There was at least 50 million people within one days driving distance from New York, Phli, Washington etc. The casinos would bus people in, offering a meal, some tokens and hope that they would spend the day gambling.

Four casinos are closing in September in 2014. Revel, Showboat, Atlantic club and Trump Casino will close putting at least 8000 people out of work. Revel was a brand new hotel that just did not make it and was not popular with local gamblers. With growing poverty in the area, Atlantic city needs to take steps to figure out how to reinvigorate the industry.

Unfortunately, there have been casinos popping up in surrounding states. Each state tired of losing revenue to New Jersey decided to have casinos of their own and this has siphoned off much of the tourism traffic to the Atlantic city.  A storm dealt a recent blow to the area taking the focus away from gambling and taking money as well. In addition, the writer found that the extensive tolls that travelers needed to pay just to get there was adding up. Combine tolls with closer easier to get to casinos and many people are staying in their home states.

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Online Casino Guide

September 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Online Gambling No Comments »

Online Casino GuideThe casino business is far too dynamic for an online casino guide to really provide any significant benefit for readers. Sites are changing all of the time, new sites are being added and old ones either eliminated or changed. With all of this activity anything we write would be out of date almost from the time it is published. As a result we decided to take a different approach. We are focusing on general topics to help readers and people who play these online casino games. Hopefully they will gain a better idea of how to enjoy themselves. Also how to gain the most from some of these sites. And as a result most important avoid losing their shirts playing these online casino games for real money.

Online Casino Guide – Play Casino Slots for Free

There are many sites that are available online that allow players to play for free with chips or credits that they provide at no cost to the player. the player is only given so many credits per day and can play until they lose their credits or play as long as they are winning. There does not seem to be any limit on time,. Just a limit on how many free credits you are given each day. Sometimes if a game freezes, and you have to restart the slot game all of the credits are lost for that day. It is frustrating especially if you were doing well to have the game freeze and lose all of your credits however that is the way these work and it did not cost you anything in the first place. Besides you just move on to another site with free games.

Online Casino Guide – Limit your Play

If you do play with real money, play with your head and not your heart. It is very easy to play, lose a lot of money and then think you will win it back sometime in the future. The problem with all casinos is that the majority of people lose money and a few people win large jackpots. No one can win all of the time except the casinos regardless of whether they are online or not. Play for fun and not to make money!

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The Best Online Casino

August 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Online Gambling No Comments »

Best Online CasinoWe all fall into the trap of looking for the best online casino. We are looking for games that we like to play. Whether they are slot machines or table games that we are hoping will be loose and will pay a large jackpot. At the very least we want to be able to play for some time without losing all of our money. It really sucks when you lose everything quickly and have to quit or get more money. At least with the online casino you can try a variety of slot machines and table games and be entertained. Players look for the best online casino using different criteria so we thought we would list some of them here.

How to Rank the Best Online Casino

The obvious first criteria that many people look for is how well these online casinos actually pay. The payout rate, the real rate is a very closely held secret. You can be sure that it is always in favor of the casino. Regardless of what you feel or think, know that the online casinos and the real casinos are set up to take your money, it is just a matter of how much enjoyment they provide you while they do it.

This brings us to the next major point. If you really like to gamble, then it should be enjoyable. We think that this should be the next major criteria for most players. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then move on to another slot machine or casino. In our case, we love the ambiance of being in a real casino, with the sounds and the music as well as listening to other players. We also like to win, but these extraneous features are part of the entire package.

Other factors such as service, cost of meals and drinks, obtaining your money when you do win are all items that many people also consider. For online casinos, the only one that fits is the criteria of how quickly you can obtain your money from a jackpot and have it transferred to your account.

Manage Your play at Online Casinos

Lastly, whether you are playing an online casino or a real casino or one that is online, we feel that it is always important to manage your play and not lose your shirt so to speak. Consumers who set limits and are able to enjoy the experience and then walk away usually enjoy themselves the most. Which one are you?

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