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Online Casino GuideThe casino business is far too dynamic for an online casino guide to really provide any significant benefit for readers. Sites are changing all of the time, new sites are being added and old ones either eliminated or changed. With all of this activity anything we write would be out of date almost from the time it is published. As a result we decided to take a different approach. We are focusing on general topics to help readers and people who play these online casino games. Hopefully they will gain a better idea of how to enjoy themselves. Also how to gain the most from some of these sites. And as a result most important avoid losing their shirts playing these online casino games for real money.

Online Casino Guide – Play Casino Slots for Free

There are many sites that are available online that allow players to play for free with chips or credits that they provide at no cost to the player. the player is only given so many credits per day and can play until they lose their credits or play as long as they are winning. There does not seem to be any limit on time,. Just a limit on how many free credits you are given each day. Sometimes if a game freezes, and you have to restart the slot game all of the credits are lost for that day. It is frustrating especially if you were doing well to have the game freeze and lose all of your credits however that is the way these work and it did not cost you anything in the first place. Besides you just move on to another site with free games.

Online Casino Guide – Limit your Play

If you do play with real money, play with your head and not your heart. It is very easy to play, lose a lot of money and then think you will win it back sometime in the future. The problem with all casinos is that the majority of people lose money and a few people win large jackpots. No one can win all of the time except the casinos regardless of whether they are online or not. Play for fun and not to make money!

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