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Mirage Casino on the strip

Mirage Casino The Mirage casino is owned by MGM Grand group of companies. The mirage casino is located on the strip in a central location. Which gives you access to many of the major hotels in the area. Next-door is Caesar’s Casino and down the street is the Bellagio. On the other side of the hotel on the same side of the street is treasure Island hotel and casino. Which is no longer owned by the MGM group of companies.

Across the street from the Mirage casino and hotel is the Venetian Casino Hotel as well as Harrahs Casino. All of these hotels contain approximately 5000 rooms. As a result there are probably 20 to 40,000 rooms within the immediate area of where your staying. All of these hotels offer fantastic restaurants, entertainment, and free shows .

Mirage Casino – Sight Seeing

Most people will spend a lot of their time sightseeing going in and out of the hotels. For example the Mirage has a volcano that erupts every 30 minutes during the evening hours. Across the street at the Venetian we have the Canal shops. There are gondolas being guided through waterways in front of all of the shops. At Caesar’s hotel there’s a street of shops with a sky like ceiling and statues that come alive with a laser show every 30 minutes. There are many restaurants to dine in from the very inexpensive to some of the most expensive in the world.

We suggest that you spend three days maximum in Vegas every once in a while. Take in all of the sights and sounds, the glitter, the noise, the casinos and the shows. After about three days you need a break from all the action since it goes 24 hours a day.

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