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If you are the type of person to go to casino’s a lot, then you already know about winning streaks and first time winners. I think that I just finished a nice little Gambling Winning StreaksGambling Winning Streaks. Sure you say, why don’t you be more positive and think that you are going to continue winning. Well after 25 years of going to casinos, I can tell you that you have days were you cannot do anything wrong and you win at almost every slot machine. Sometimes this even extends into days or even several months. But then it all comes to an end and you cannot win anything no matter how hard you try! This is just the facts of life as far as casinos are concerned.

Several weeks ago I won a $3000 jack pot and then the same night I won several more small $200 dollar jack pots. What a night it was and we could not wait to go back the next day!  We went back a few days later and I  won again, nothing big but I was ahead of the casino. Small amounts and this has continued for several weeks. Anytime you are ahead of the casino it is a blessing and luck, believe me.

Gambling Winning Streaks – Gone

Then all of sudden, I had a losing night were not only did I not win over the night, I did not even win a jack pot, not even a small one. Hopefully this is not the end of my winning run, but these things seem to come in waves and I may be nearing the beginning of the trough again or so it seems that way.

First Time Winners

This is the situation were you take a friend to the casino for the first time and they play $20 and win a jack pot on that $20. Of course they are now hooked and may win a couple of times. It can be frustrating for anyone who plays a lot and goes through these losing streaks. They are excited and make it look so easy, but then a few nights or weeks later they find that they are now losing money and it is not so easy. Welcome to the club!

Play Conservatively and Enjoy Your Self

We play conservatively and try to limit ourselves to how much we will spend in a night. It is the only way to control your losses and also stay ahead of the casino. So now we will not go back to the casino for maybe a week and then we will see what happens. We have been going often, because when you win , you just want to keep going and win some more. Once you begin to lose, you really have to limit yourself.

If you have similar experiences, perhaps you can leave a comment and let us know. If anyone knows a way to beat the odds, of course we want to hear about these methods as well!

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