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Pala Casino Resort and Spa

May 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in California No Comments »

Pala Casino Resort and SpaWe recently visited the Pala Casino Resort and Spa on southern California. It is located near San Diego just off of I5 and quite easy to get to as long as your prepared for the windy and curvy roads that lead to it. The casino has over 2000 slot machines along with a variety of the standard tables for your enjoyment. There is a nice hotel for patrons to spend the night, a great pool to spend time at as shown in the picture and of course the spa. Patrons should book the spa and arrive 30 minutes in advance to prepare for the treatment etc. Full instructions and costs can be found on the casinos web site for the Pala Casino Resort and Spa.

Pala Casino Resort and Spa – Restaurants

We dined in one of the restaurants in the casino. The food was excellent, the service very good and the size of the portions were large. There is also an outside eating area, however it was under construction at the time we were there. You have a nice view of the mountains and the surrounding property. There are also several fast-food restaurants, a deli and of course more high end areas to enjoy fine dining.

Pala Casino Resort and Spa – Casino

The casino is large with over 2000 slot machines of all types from penny machines to high roller machines. They also have video poker and keno machines of various denominations. The casino has high ceilings with good air circulation. The smoke from people smoking is not much of a problem. Although there is a noticeable smell when you enter the casino. Maybe one day Indian casinos will not allow smoking in the casino, however, we do not see this happening anytime soon.  At least they have good air circulation at this one. This particular casino also has soft drink machines available throughout the casino for those that need a drink from time to time. There is no charge for these beverages. Beer and wine are served at the bar as well as at the machines, although they are very expensive compared to some other locations.

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Pala Casino and Resort

May 7th, 2015 ernie Posted in California No Comments »

The Pala Casino and ResortPala Casino and Resort in beautiful northern San Diego County, Pala is located 15 miles north of Escondido, 12 miles south
of Temecula. Pala is nestled in the mountains in a beautiful desert setting. It is relatively easy to get to, however some of the roads are narrow with lots of curves. We found drivers tend to travel very fast on these roads compared to someone who has never driven these particular roads before. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the place to come to relax. Have a good meal and enjoy the entertainment along with the usual gambling opportunities. We found the casino to be very clean, modern and enjoyable.

Pala Casino and Resort

Pala casino has over 2000 slots of all varieties along with table games, penny machines to the high roller slots that many people enjoy. There is a good number of video poker machines and keno machines as well. The floor is rectangular which means that few people will get lost in the casino. This is actually a problem in many of the larger casinos with floor layouts that are not in a rectangular layout. Smoking is allowed, although that did not appear to be a problem when we were there. There is good ventilation.

Pala Casino and Resort – Restaurants

There are several restaurants including coffee shops and deli’s, fast food takeout. As well as sit down areas with great service. We found the portions large and very tasty. Patrons can also share meals if they find that the amounts are too large for them. We spent the day at Pala and enjoyed it very much. There was one exception. Wine can be expensive if you do not order the house wine. Most casinos offer inexpensive refreshments, however, this is not the case with Pala. Be prepared to pay a little more for your drinks than you would at other Indian casinos. Certainly a lot more than at Vegas casinos.

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Agua Caliente Resort Casino

April 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Palm Springs 1 Comment »

Agua Caliente Resort CasinoThe Agua Caliente Resort Casino is located at the corner of Ramon Road and Bob Hope drive. I10 also intersects at this point as well with Bob Hope drive. This provides easy access to the casino and of course Ramon road. Most consider it to be part of Palm Springs although it is actually in Rancho Mirage. The Spa in down town Palm Springs is also part of this casino group and patrons can use the same slot card at both locations.  This is the better of the two casinos in terms of size, convention space, entertainment space and also a first class hotel attached to the property. There is ample parking as well with both surface as well as above ground parking garage for many customers.

Agua Caliente Resort Casino – Restaurants

They also have several restaurants to dine in from the standard coffee shop to high end steak restaurants. They also have a buffet which is very good and priced about average for any buffet that you might go to.  We enjoy a restaurant that leads to the pool. You can dine inside or out on the patio. We particularly enjoy sitting on the patio and having our lunch while gazing at the pool and the tropical setting that is before us. If you want a nice relaxing lunch while sitting outside, this is the place to go. It is also shaded and very comfortable.

The casino itself is quite large and has all of the standard casinos slot machines and tables. There are over 2000 machines to choose from with lots of space. They do allow smoking in the casino and there is a small non smoking section as well for those people who are looking for non smoking areas. The Agua Caliente Resort Casino also sponsors a variety of entertainment from time to time. If you are interested in seeing one of these concerts check the main casino web site.

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Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs

April 7th, 2015 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Spa Resort Casino Palm SpringsThe Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs is located in downtown Palm Springs, two blocks from the main street which is Palm Canyon Road.  The Spa Resort Casino up until last year also had a hotel on the property that patrons could stay at. Apparently the owners felt that it was getting quite dated and needed to be torn down. It closed in late 2014 and is in the process of being gutted. The owners have yet to announce what will be built in its place. It is owned by the local Indian group. They are as usual quite secretive about their plans for properties in and around Palm Springs.

Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs

As a casino, the Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs is an excellent yet small casino. Patrons in the Palm Springs area can enjoy. Many people who live downtown or within several blocks of the casino can easily walk to the casino. They can enjoy an evening out for a few drinks, dinner and gambling. It is a modern building built-in desert tones. They have lots of the popular slot machines that most patrons like. They also have a number of table games that will appeal to the black jack, roulette and craps players.

There are lots of free surface parking and many people also take advantage of the valet parking available at the entrance. We have also seen movie shoots for advertisements as well as movies set up at the entrance and the parking lots. These are very interesting to watch. It is amazing given the attention to detail and the number of people who are involved. We have not had a chance to be in the background of one of these movies yet, but are looking forward to it. You never know which stars you will see in one of these.

Visit the Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs and also spend some time in downtown Palm Springs. There are many restaurants that you can enjoy and many also provide happy hours with reduced drink and food prices.

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Agua Caliente Casino

June 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Agua Caliente CasinoThe Agua Caliente Casino is a great place to spend a few hours. Patrons can even stay over night. There is something for everyone including several very nice restaurants. There is a beautiful pool area. Shows with many big-name stars and of course the casino. There is a very nice hotel situated on the property. It is attached to the casino and the pool.  There is lots of surface parking right off the road. There is a parking garage as well which takes overflow cars or if you just want to get your car out of the hot sun.

Getting to the Agua Caliente Casino

The location of the Agua Caliente Casino could not be easier to get to. If you are coming from Palm springs just go straight out Ramon street towards I10 until you see the casino. Visitors from other desert cities can take either Bob Hope drive or I10 to get to the casino. If you are coming from Banning or other points west, take I10 and take the Bob Hope exit.

The Agua Caliente Casino

The casino itself is large and well laid out. Second-hand smoke, which is a big issue for many casinos is not too bad due to the high ceilings and good air circulation. Customers smoke cigars in the casino. But they have not gone this route yet. There are lots of machines to try. They have all of the popular machines that everyone is looking for these days.

They have four restaurants. There is a buffet restaurant, a deli where you can get something quick, a coffee shop, a small restaurant with outdoor dining if you prefer and a steakhouse. All are very clean and very acceptable as restaurants. The coffee shop is pricey.

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