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Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs

Spa Resort Casino Palm SpringsThe Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs is located in downtown Palm Springs, two blocks from the main street which is Palm Canyon Road.  The Spa Resort Casino up until last year also had a hotel on the property that patrons could stay at. Apparently the owners felt that it was getting quite dated and needed to be torn down. It closed in late 2014 and is in the process of being gutted. The owners have yet to announce what will be built in its place. It is owned by the local Indian group. They are as usual quite secretive about their plans for properties in and around Palm Springs.

Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs

As a casino, the Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs is an excellent yet small casino. Patrons in the Palm Springs area can enjoy. Many people who live downtown or within several blocks of the casino can easily walk to the casino. They can enjoy an evening out for a few drinks, dinner and gambling. It is a modern building built-in desert tones. They have lots of the popular slot machines that most patrons like. They also have a number of table games that will appeal to the black jack, roulette and craps players.

There are lots of free surface parking and many people also take advantage of the valet parking available at the entrance. We have also seen movie shoots for advertisements as well as movies set up at the entrance and the parking lots. These are very interesting to watch. It is amazing given the attention to detail and the number of people who are involved. We have not had a chance to be in the background of one of these movies yet, but are looking forward to it. You never know which stars you will see in one of these.

Visit the Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs and also spend some time in downtown Palm Springs. There are many restaurants that you can enjoy and many also provide happy hours with reduced drink and food prices.

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