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Palace Casino Biloxi Mississippi

January 3rd, 2019 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

The Palace Casino Biloxi Mississippi is updated and modern with a smoke free environment in the casino. We really enjoyed playing at this casino. Everything was so clean and glistening. The servers were around often offering drinks. In fact if you always tip the servers, they will make sure you receive great service. What more can you ask for when playing the slots or the tables. Well wining of course and we both did that as well. My wife and I both left he casino ahead, which is increasingly rare these days.

Palace Casino Biloxi Mississippi Check In

We did not stay at the Place Casino Biloxi hotel this trip, however we did check on the rates. They seemed very reasonable for walkins and most important, no resort fee. Almost all of the other hotels charge a resort fee. The resort fee can range from $15 to $20 a night including tax in the Biloxi area. They are much higher in Las Vegas. They even charge the resort fee on nights you are bing comp’d. The Palace Casino Biloxi hotel saves you paying this fee.

We also noticed that guests checking in are offered a free glass of champagne and there are munchies to choose from. This is a treat. The decor is very modern and it looks like it has been recently updated. Although we have not seen the rooms, one guest told us they were very nice. We are definitely staying at this hotel the next time we come to Biloxi.

If you have stayed at this hotel please leave us your comments. We would really like to hear if you have the same impression. We would also like to hear comments about the rooms and what they are like.

The buffet at the Palace Casino Biloxi Mississippi

We also went to the Buffet at the Palace Casino. It was a little on the pricey side, however the food was really great. Lots of shrimp and other local sea food delicacies. If you have a Palace Casino slot card, they will provide a small discount. Of course if you are a high roller, you may be eligible for additional discounts.

We cannot wait until we return to Biloxi and try out this hotel Casino combination. You can easily walk to the Golden Nugget and also to Harrahs. We fel quite safe during the day, however I would not recommend walking at night. Both are about a 10 minute walk from the Palace Casino. A cab or Uber ride will be less than $10 including the tip

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Harrahs Casino Biloxi Mississippi

December 12th, 2018 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

We spent four nights at Harrahs Casino Biloxi Mississippi hotel in the fall of 2018. We were pleasantly
surprised by both the casino as well as the hotel. We drove and found that it was easy to get to and we
were able to park in the hotel parking garage close to the hotel entrance. There is a relatively small
casino floor compared to some of the larger casinos. However it has all of the games and slots we look
for. There were many keno and poker slots which we enjoy playing. Harrahs allows smoking in the casino. There were several restaurants and we tried three of them including the buffet. The buffet has recently stopped serving crab legs on Friday nights and also lowered the price as well. You will have to go elsewhere if you want crab legs. There were lots of shrimp dishes available.

Harrahs Casino Biloxi Mississippi Hotel Rooms

We stayed in a room on the 12th floor facing the gulf. The view was great. We looked down on the pool
area and out to Deer island and the Gulf. It is interesting to see the fishing boats heading out at night to
fish. We could also see what we think were dolphins swimming in the inter-coastal area. There was also a coffee machine and a fridge in the room for guests to use.

The 12th floor is the top floor. The rooms are well insulated so we did not hear any other guests. There
was a coffee machine in the room along with a fridge. We found it very comfortable. The bathroom has
been updated as well, very clean and had everything we needed. The room might be considered a little
on the small side, however most people do not spend a lot of time in their rooms anyway. The rooms and hallways were looking a little tired. They could use an upgrade.

The only real complaint that we have is the resort fee charge of $16 plus tax per night. This fee was
added to our bill for all nights including those that we were comp’d for. Many hotels will waive this fee on nights you are staying for free.

The staff is friendly. They all acknowledge you as you pass, saying good morning or whatever. We
enjoyed staying at Harrahs Casino Biloxi hotel and will probably stay here again depending on the rates
we are offered compared to other hotels in the area.

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Beau Rivage Biloxi Phone Number

October 25th, 2018 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

beau rivage biloxi phone numberThe Beau Rivage Biloxi phone number to call is +1 888-567-6667 for all reservations and slot comps. Call and speak to a hotel reservation host who can help you with anything you need. Don’t forget to give them your slot number. Your slot number identifies you. The casino determines what if any comps you may be entitled to.

Many people will call and book reservations from Sunday through Thursday nights. Rooms are often priced at casino rates. They may even free for some players. Every night plus meals may be included as a comp. Some nights  are blocked out. Large events fill up the hotel quickly. On these occasions, the hotel reserves rooms for paying guests and high rollers. Always check before you book. Request various dates. Select the date and rate that matches your schedule. Flexibility will get you the best room in the house. Avoid weeks with large conferences. Rates can get expensive. Large conferences drive up rates.

Beau Rivage Biloxi Phone Number

Don’t be afraid to ask for comps. The agents will either provide you with a comp’d room or let you know what the price will be. The price will be based on market rates. Even a high casino rate is better than market rates.

Many casino players will find that the rates are much better than anything they see on travel and booking sites. If you are new to MGM or the Beau Rivage, you will pay market rates. After you arrive be sure to obtain a free slot card. Use the card when playing the slots or tables. You never know just how much you can earn in terms of points towards free rooms and meals.

Before leaving talk to the casino slot hosts. They will tell you how to use your comp’s. There may be a pleasant surprise to the end of your stay. A free room? Perhaps meals looked after? Always charge your meals to your room. This shows that you spent dollars at your hotel. If the host cannot give you a free room, perhaps they will write off some of the meal charges. Every little bit helps. Enjoy your time in Vegas.

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Beau Rivage Mississippi free Drinks

October 21st, 2016 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

Beau Rivage Mississippi free DrinksThe Beau Rivage Mississippi free Drinks are really special. My favorite is a bloody Mary with okra. The servers will mix just about any drink for you with and without alcohol and they are free as long as you are gambling. If you are just standing around watching, they probably will not serve you. You need to be sitting at a slot machine or at one of the tables and actually playing. They move quickly and if you see a server, you will need to call them or wave them over. Sometimes if your partner is with you and watching they will also bring a drink for them as well. All of the drinks are free unless you are sitting in a bar or at a restaurant. They do charge for drinks at these locations and the prices are actually pretty high.

Beau Rivage Mississippi free Drinks – Tipping

We have seen people take their drink and not tip the server. This is not only rude and cheap, but they probably will not get another drink. The servers at best are paid minimum wage. They need these tips to survive.

Another reason to tip is that it tells the server they can expect a tip each time that you order. We have often seen them come back time and again to see if we needed another drink. They know they will get a tip and they deliver based on the level of tipping they receive.

How much should you tip? We typically will tip $1.00 per drink. This seems to be the norm and it also obtains the desired response. i.e. the server coming back in 10 or 15 minutes to see if we are ready for another round. Yes the drinks are free at the Beau Rivage in Mississippi!

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Dinner Buffet Beau Rivage casino

February 21st, 2015 prrichar1 Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

Dinner Buffet Beau Rivage casinoAll casinos have buffets and we have been to a lot of them. So when we say the buffet at the Beau Rivage casino is one of the best. We can speak with experience. The price for dinner on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday is $22.99. Thursday it increases to $25.99 and they are serving smoked prime rib. On Friday and Saturday they are serving a seafood extravaganza priced at $29.99.

All of the menu items are very nicely presented. Lots of high-quality food and many more menu items than you can possibly try. This is a great buffet and even better if you are comp’d. We were lucky to have a two for one deal.

Dinner Buffet Beau Rivage casino comp’s

This is one of the benefits of always using your slot card when you’re playing the casino slots or at the tables. The casino will award you free meals, free play and even free rooms depending on your play. They keep track of how much you spend each hour. How fast you are playing, what your winnings are. Also the size of your bets and how long you have gambled in each session. Based on a complicated formula that only they know, they will award you a variety of free things all in the attempt to keep you in the casino for a longer period.

Let’s face it if you leave their building you are possibly gambling somewhere else and they want to entertain you and attract you to staying at their location. They work hard at this and this is why you receive on-site comp’s such as free meals, show tickets and free play.

You are also served unlimited soft drinks, milk, and coffee as part of the buffet overall price. There is wine and beer available for additional purchase, although when you are playing the slots on the floor or one of the table games, you can have just about any free drink that you would like. Give the waitress a small tip, at least a dollar and you will be guaranteed to have great service with as many free drinks as you can handle.

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