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Dinner Buffet Beau Rivage casino

Dinner Buffet Beau Rivage casinoAll casinos have buffets and we have been to a lot of them. So when we say the buffet at the Beau Rivage casino is one of the best. We can speak with experience. The price for dinner on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday is $22.99. Thursday it increases to $25.99 and they are serving smoked prime rib. On Friday and Saturday they are serving a seafood extravaganza priced at $29.99.

All of the menu items are very nicely presented. Lots of high-quality food and many more menu items than you can possibly try. This is a great buffet and even better if you are comp’d. We were lucky to have a two for one deal.

Dinner Buffet Beau Rivage casino comp’s

This is one of the benefits of always using your slot card when you’re playing the casino slots or at the tables. The casino will award you free meals, free play and even free rooms depending on your play. They keep track of how much you spend each hour. How fast you are playing, what your winnings are. Also the size of your bets and how long you have gambled in each session. Based on a complicated formula that only they know, they will award you a variety of free things all in the attempt to keep you in the casino for a longer period.

Let’s face it if you leave their building you are possibly gambling somewhere else and they want to entertain you and attract you to staying at their location. They work hard at this and this is why you receive on-site comp’s such as free meals, show tickets and free play.

You are also served unlimited soft drinks, milk, and coffee as part of the buffet overall price. There is wine and beer available for additional purchase, although when you are playing the slots on the floor or one of the table games, you can have just about any free drink that you would like. Give the waitress a small tip, at least a dollar and you will be guaranteed to have great service with as many free drinks as you can handle.

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