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Beau Rivage Mississippi free Drinks

Beau Rivage Mississippi free DrinksThe Beau Rivage Mississippi free Drinks are really special. My favorite is a bloody Mary with okra. The servers will mix just about any drink for you with and without alcohol and they are free as long as you are gambling. If you are just standing around watching, they probably will not serve you. You need to be sitting at a slot machine or at one of the tables and actually playing. They move quickly and if you see a server, you will need to call them or wave them over. Sometimes if your partner is with you and watching they will also bring a drink for them as well. All of the drinks are free unless you are sitting in a bar or at a restaurant. They do charge for drinks at these locations and the prices are actually pretty high.

Beau Rivage Mississippi free Drinks – Tipping

We have seen people take their drink and not tip the server. This is not only rude and cheap, but they probably will not get another drink. The servers at best are paid minimum wage. They need these tips to survive.

Another reason to tip is that it tells the server they can expect a tip each time that you order. We have often seen them come back time and again to see if we needed another drink. They know they will get a tip and they deliver based on the level of tipping they receive.

How much should you tip? We typically will tip $1.00 per drink. This seems to be the norm and it also obtains the desired response. i.e. the server coming back in 10 or 15 minutes to see if we are ready for another round. Yes the drinks are free at the Beau Rivage in Mississippi!

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