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Thousand Islands Casino Shuttle

Thousand Islands Casino Shuttle

Thousand Islands Casino Shuttle

The thousand Islands Casino shuttle brings customers from many different locations to the casino. If you cannot get there by car this is the way to travel to the casino. It is also something to consider if you would like to have a few drinks and do not want to drive your car. Perhaps you would be over the limit or close to it. Take the shuttle instead of driving. The best thing is that the shuttles are free for riders going to the casino. You do have to abide by their schedule. If you miss the bus, it could be a long expensive ride by taxi back home unless you call a buddy to obtain a pick up.

Thousand Islands Casino Shuttle Schedule

If you would like shuttle schedules and locations, click on the shuttle link. This PDF will give you all of the locations and times that the buses pick up passengers from. Most people who are regulars will already know the schedule, however they do change from time to time so check back often.

Note that there is no food or drink allowed on the Thousand Islands Casino Shuttle, however many people will quietly bring water and sandwiches on the bus. As long as the driver does not see it and you do not leave a mess, you will be fine.

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