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Zombie Gambling

Zombie GamblingHave you seen people gambling for hours at the same machine? Maybe you have even done this yourself.  Zombie gambling can be described as: losing track of time; body stiffness from sitting too long; missing out on family activities; not stopping after winning a jackpot and losing the entire amount;  etc. Most of us have found ourselves in this situation and regretted losing all of our money or wondering where the day or evening went. Perhaps our friends or family members have tried to divert us from the slot machines to no avail. If these things describe your situation, it is time to take stock of yourself and make changes.

Avoid Zombie Gambling

Take time to enjoy the other amenities, get up from your slot machine after a specific amount of time to stretch your legs, go for a drink , take a walk outside etc. Break the repetitive situation your in and enjoy all of the other things that casinos have to offer.

Spend time with family who would really like to spend time with you. See a show together, go for a drink, even just for a walk together. Quality time like this is worth it for your own health, your relationship and financial well being.

Go for dinner or a meal at least. Zombie Gambling leads to poor nutrition, too much drinking and smoking and tiredness. If you come back from a trip to the casino exhausted and all you did was sit at a slot machine, it is time to change your habits. Break up the routine and you will find that you not only enjoy the excursion much more, you will not be nearly as tired.

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