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Competition from Online Casinos

Competition from Online CasinosWe have been wondering if competition from online casinos will affect many of the brick-and-mortar casinos? As we tour the country and visit a variety of locations we are finding that some locations are extremely busy. While others are struggling. It really depends on the local market. Also how much competition there is from other casinos as well as competition from online casinos.

For example in Ottawa Ontario there are only two casinos. Both are packed almost every night. While there may be competition from online casinos in the Ottawa area, the market is far from being oversold. In fact the Ottawa area could do with a third casino to handle the demand. In other locations such as Tunica, Mississippi there are at least 10 casinos. They are struggling to stay open. There simply is not enough population in the Memphis area. It is close to Tunica to drive business for 10 casinos, and the online casino business is taking it’s toll.

Competition from Online Casinos – Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is also struggling however they are changing their business model and to all appearances succeeding. They have added the conference business, the wedding business, and tourism to the traditional mix of casino gambling. Add to that professional high quality entertainment and you have a huge draw for people to come to Las Vegas to spend money for their vacation.

Other locations such as Atlantic City are struggling because of competition from online casinos, taxation from the city and state, tolls on roads. Consumers even have to parking fees just to visit the casinos. In addition neighborhood states have built other casinos in their area to keep some of the gambling revenue in their state. As a result with all of this competition places like Atlantic City or now seeing casinos closing rather than stay open and lose more money.

We feel that you get far more value from the traditional brick-and-mortar casino however there is a definite attraction for people to play online and play their favorite games. The gambling business in North America is still evolving and there is a shake out taking place that is driven in part by the economy, by online casino gambling and government need for revenue. There will be more changes coming in the future.

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