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Free Online Gambling

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Have you ever tried free online gambling? There are many sites available where gamblers can play for free. They can play their favorite slot machines, or table games and enjoy gambling for free. Some sites do not have any hooks to get you to spend any money. They prefer to allow you to gamble for free with you clicking on advertisements. You can also play for real money or just want more information about a particular subject. You can also add points based on your play which can be used for free things such as free meals or even rooms if the site is associated with one of the traditional casino properties such as MGM.

Many online gambling sites that offer free online gambling, give you the opportunity to buy more free credit for a normal amount. Some sites will offer additional free credit for a nominal fee e.g.. Five dollars.

Free Online gambling – Credit

We have tried these sites and usually what happens is that the free credit that they give you is lost rather quickly. Then they offer additional credits for a fee. The amount of money they are charging for added credits is not large and will not break the bank. We just refuse to pay these amounts on principle, since the site was advertised as a free site.

Rather than pay money for additional credit from these so-called free online gambling sites, we just move to another online site to play slots and table games. Free online gambling sites usually provide additional free credit once a day or every two hours ongoing. But the real motive is to sell you the additional credit and make money that way.

Also if you are playing the table games, are you playing against other real players or are you playing against the computer? Playing against a computer is very different from playing against real people online.

Not Paying Well

We have also found that when you’re playing on their free credit, the slot machine does not pay very well and it does not take long to run through the free credit. They really want to sell additional free credit that you pay for. There are so many free sites available that you should never pay for free credit.

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Play Casino Online

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Play Casino OnlineWe recently downloaded a casino online app to our iPad and began to play casino online. This is a free app and also a free online casino game with many different slot machines. You can play them as well as video poker games. This as it turned out was a very sophisticated online casino. However, they were really trying to persuade me to sign up and play for real money or to buy more chips. It was great fun and enjoyed it very much for the first day. After that, it was not nearly as much fun.

Play Casino Online – Making Money

When we first signed up to play this free slot machine game on our iPad, we were given $1 million in free play credit. Sounds like a lot of money! We started playing video slot games on the iPad. Either we chose a really bad game to play or just were not winning. But we went through the $1 million in about three hours.

We then attempted to have more free credit so we can continue playing. We found that the video slot machine wanted to charge us some money to add free credit. So we refused and moved on to another game. This is really a shell game to try to charge you for playing online video games using your tablet or smartphone. The video slot machine app developer is trying to make some money. There was no way to recoup any money that you might spend. So you really end up just spending money buying free credit. Which is not free so that you can play a slot machine online.

Play Casino Online – The Next Day

We again tried the app the following day. This time we were awarded 75,000 in free play instead of 1 million. We went through that 75,000 in about 30 minutes.

The online slot machine app on our smartphone is actually a lot of fun to play however they’re trying to make money and charging for the play credits is one of the ways. They also provide online advertising on the pictures well. We rate this particular app from IGT as a negative since they are too focused on making cash money from their players.

In one way I cannot blame them, however, they need to be a little more subtle about it and slow the take rate down. I do not mind paying for something that is interesting and fun, but when there is no way for me to recoup my investment, it is time to move on to another online casino that can be played for free.

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Live casino online

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Live casino onlineLive casino online competes with brick and mortar casinos for your time and for your dollars especially. Start by getting to play free games that are usually easy to win and pay big jackpots. Once you convert to real cash playing, the odds are much worse than the typical brick-and-mortar casino. At least that seems to be the common market information that is available online. We are not aware of any specific studies or reports that support this notion.


Online live casinos are certainly more convenient compared to getting in your car and driving sometimes many miles to get to a brick-and-mortar casino. Just sit at your desk, use your computer, and logon into your favorite online casino and you’re ready to play. You do not even have to get dressed or take a shower, you can just start playing when you wake up in the morning or play well into the night!

They provide online benefits such as entries to tournaments and free play that you can use to actually win money when you’re playing with real dollars. Even people who are playing with tokens i.e. not real money can receive entries to tournaments and other benefits. Benefits depend on the particular online live casino that your playing.

The danger is playing too much which takes time away from family, friends, and your social life. If you’re playing for real money, there’s always the danger of gambling too much and losing more than you may want to. keep control of how much time you’re spending gambling online at the live casinos as well as how much you are spending and play.

International Play

Players get to play against people from around the world or against the casino. It really depends on the game that you’re playing. Slot machine games typically are against the casino. Table games with the casino taking a cut are played against other players from all around the world. At a Texas hold ’em table you could have people from five or six different countries all playing with you. There is a chat system Available and sometimes people will chat as well

Playing live casino online can be fun as long as it is kept under control. When you start spending too much time playing casino games online at your computer, it is time to take a break. Have someone take the time to interrupt you and get you away from the computer otherwise you will become hooked on one of these online casino games.

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Online live casino

February 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Online Gambling No Comments »

Online live casinoWe were wondering what people see in online live casino’s? Personally, we like to go to a live casino. That’s the brick-and-mortar casino. We like to experience the feel of many slot machines, the noise, the music, the excitement of other people winning, and to be able to talk to people or have a drink. This becomes a social night out in addition to gambling at the slot machines or the tables.

Online live casino

Online live casinos are convenient for many people since they do not have to leave their homes. In fact, they do not even have to get dressed, they can be dressed in their nightgown or house coat and play online at a casino against other people if you’re playing the table games or play slot machines if that is your choice of gambling.

You can play for free or with real money. Any of the online live casinos offer the real gaming experience playing with tokens where you do not have to provide any cash from your bank account. This provides almost everything that people are looking for in terms of playing the casino. If you play table games you can play against people from all around the world. Texas hold’em is particularly good for this style of casino gambling play.

Play against people from around the world. If you place your cursor over the icons of other players, online life casinos will provide you with basic information. They will indicate their online name and the country from which there are connected.

Players receive online benefits such as entries to tournaments and if you’re playing with cash i.e. real money, you may also receive free play and other benefits that are particular to that online live casino.

Need to maintain limits if you’re playing with real money. Just like going to the casino, brick-and-mortar casinos, limits need to be established to ensure that your losses are reasonable and can be afforded If you’re having trouble in this regard. Call Gamblers anonymous call for help.

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Why Play At An On Line Casino

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Latest Casino BonusesThere is the convenience of playing your favorite poker game or slot machine at home using an On Line Casino. You don’t need to get dressed. All you need to do is get your favorite beverage. Whether it is a coffee or a drink of some kind, sit down at your computer and play your favorite online Casino.

Play anytime at On Line Casino

There’s the convenience of playing at any time of the day. Some people like to play in the middle of the night while others have their favorite time in the afternoon. Regardless of when you like to play there’s the convenience of being able to sit down at your computer at any time of the day. Even play on your smartphone from any location. Many people prefer this kind of gambling to have to visit a regular casino. Which means getting in the car and driving to wherever you need to be.

Cash in Your Account

There is the convenience of receiving cash in your bank account when you make a big win. When you’re playing online patrons can transfer cash from their bank account to their online casino account and vice versa. If you win a big jackpot the best thing for most people to do is to transfer the cash from the online casino back to their bank account. This is one way to ensure that your winnings will stay in your bank account. The cash will not be spent on further gambling.

Gambling Addiction

Some people are addicted and this can be a problem. If you are susceptible to being addicted to gambling, online casino gambling can be a problem for some people. There’s no getting away from the online slot machine, or the online poker table. If you suspect that you may be addicted to gambling, it is a good idea to call one of the hotlines that provide support for addicted gamblers.

Personally, the writer would prefer to play in a brick-and-mortar casino instead of playing online for the social aspect of the casino. We enjoy visiting the casino, getting away from the house, and being around people in general. For us, this is a social activity and we control how much we gamble. It is always a pleasant bonus when we win a jackpot. Or receive a free complimentary meal, a free complimentary room, or free complimentary tickets to an entertainment show.

Going for dinner, having a drink, and playing with your favorite slot machines is a bonus or an advantage that many people would prefer to playing online.

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