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Aquarius Casino Entertainment

July 7th, 2015 prrichar1 Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius Casino entertainment Did you know that Aquarius Casino entertainment is sometimes free to patrons of the casino.  During the early afternoon and evening, Casino patrons can sit and enjoy free entertainment in the lounge. Patrons can also purchase drinks or get up and dance if the music moves you.

We spent an enjoyable evening listening to a country and western band and watching line dancing in the lounge area. It was quite entertaining and very enjoyable. The band was very good and the dancers were just people visiting who enjoyed dancing. There were two women who with the band and they got up often to dance and help others particularly with the line dances which are a complicated sequence of moves as far as this writer is concerned. It was all very entertaining and absolutely free. Patrons needed to pay for drinks while watching, however you could also just bring in a drink that you got in the casino for free if you wanted.

Aquarius Casino Entertainment

There is only one lounge area with entertainment as far as we could tell. There is a sports area where you can also watch races and sports games as well, while betting if you enjoy that sort of thing. The city of Laughlin in conjunction with the casinos also sponsors big name entertainment from time to time. Their objective is to book rooms and attract customers to the city and to their hotels and casino’s. It works and Laughlin is often a booming place on the weekends.

The Aquarius Casino is a big casino with high ceilings and a fairly large non smoking area for those that cannot tolerate the stale cigarette smoke. The Aquarius Casino Entertainment also includes all of the latest slot machines and table games that everyone looks for. Golfers and also take in a golf game on one of the local courses and spend the evening at the casino.

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Claim Jumper – golden nugget Casino

June 7th, 2015 prrichar1 Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Claim Jumper – golden nugget CasinoThe Claim Jumper in the Golden Nugget casino in Laughlin Nevada is one of our favorite restaurants to visit whenever we are in Laughlin. The Claim Jumper is located near the front entrance that sports a tropical setting. This restaurant offers great food at reasonable prices with great service. We always go for breakfast and usually split the meals. The meal size is large and more than enough for two people, at least for us. Many people never finish their meals leaving food on their plates. I guess it is a sign of our age or upbringing that shows through when we mentioned this point. We were always told to finish our plates when we were growing up.

Claim Jumper – Golden Nugget Casino

The Golden Nugget is a nice casino to visit as well. Although the ceilings are a bit low, they have lots of slot machines to play. The entrance has a tropical setting. There is access to the boardwalk that runs along the Colorado River to all of the other casinos. Drinks are free while you are playing slots and you also can sign up for a Golden Nugget Slot card which may provide you with various comp’s based on how much you play.

Food comp’s build up on your slot card as you play and these comp’s can be used at the various restaurants in the casino including the Claim Jumper. Apparently it is also part of a chain of restaurants across the US which you can sign up for to obtain free meals depending on how often you dine. It did not work for us since we do not go to the areas that the restaurant chain is in, but it sounded like a good deal.

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Aquarius Casino seafood buffet

February 11th, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius Casino seafood buffetWe recently enjoyed the seafood buffet at the Aquarius Casino and Hotel in Laughlin Nevada. This particular buffet is offered on Friday afternoons and evenings. The prime attraction for us is the crab legs that they offer in both hot and cold varieties.

These crab legs, the hot ones, were absolutely excellent. The meat was sweet and tender, not salty at all, and easy to extract. The Aquarius pre-cuts all of the larger pieces. As a result, they are easier to open and extract the meat from the shells. This is one of the best crab leg and seafood buffets for the money anywhere.

Aquarius Casino seafood buffet – Pricing

The price started at $26 plus tax, however, if you hold a yellow slot card or higher, you are eligible for a 25% discount which brings it down to $19.95. Then you can apply your slot comps to the cost of the buffet which can often mean you eat for free! How good a deal is that.

In addition to crab legs, they have many other types of sea food that is prepared in a variety of ways. In particular, the shrimp were large and fresh. They also had several different kinds of salmon, oysters, clams, mussels, etc. in addition to prime rib and other more traditional foods.

This price also includes two glasses of wine, beer, or mixed drinks. for the price of $26, it is a good deal and if it is free, due to comp’s, well that is a  fantastic deal! The wine is ok, although it is from a bulk tank. It is actually on tap and not poured from a bottle. Still, after the first drink, it is just fine and it is included in your meal. We have not tried the beer or the margarita, however, we have seen lots of people enjoying these drinks as well. Friday or Saturday night are the nights to try the Aquarius Casino seafood buffet!

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Colorado Bell Brew Pub

February 9th, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Colorado Bell Brew PubThe Colorado Belle is adding a new pub to the area just outside the north entrance to the casino. It is called the Colorado Bell Brew Pub. The area shown in this picture was taken a few years ago. It is an open area where there are various activities from time to time. They set up open-air parties, pubs, and dances along with bands that play on the weekend. This entire space is now under construction.

The entire area is now closed and boarded up and a new pub is being built in this space. O course we did not take a picture. Since all you would have seen are the barricades and part of the new roof. The pub will be open in the summer of 2014. We will be back at this location in May and will provide an update for our readers at that time.

Colorado Bell Brew Pub

Update – The Colorado Bell Brew Pub is now open with an inside and outside dining area. We visited and tried the breakfast buffet which was ok, but not great. We think this would be a great place to spend some time sitting outside on an afternoon or evening enjoying some munchies and a couple of beers.

All of the hotels are making changes and upgrading their facilities. As the economy is improving, they are benefiting and investing in their properties. Laughlin is in need of some updating. We are happy to see that they are now beginning to spend some money upgrading their facilities. Every casino and hotel is slowly investing some money. But they are not doing a wholesale update at this time.

Laughlin is on the Colorado River at the southern tip of the state of Nevada. It portrays Las Vegas the way it used to be many years ago. Therefore, it is a much more relaxed place to spend a few days and the prices are also much more reasonable as well.

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Riverside resort Hotel and Casino Laughlin Nevada

February 9th, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Riverside resort Hotel and Casino Laughlin Nevada Don Laughlin created Laughlin Nevada. His Riverside resort Hotel and Casino is the signature location for all of the casinos in the area. You can’t miss it as you drive down casino drive. It is located right on the Colorado River.

We have other posts on this website that provides a review of the casino. This post is about his antique car collection displayed on the third floor that is free for anyone to visit.

We included several pictures to show you the type of cars and motorcycles in this antique car show room. There are approximately 100 cars of various vintages and ages and models displayed in the show room. At any given time there are as many as five or six cars that are available for sale.

In addition to various models that are being shown in the showroom, also antique motorcycles of various kinds available for people to go to view.

The antique car showroom is located on the third floor. Access can be obtained by going up the escalators or taking the elevator to the third floor. It is free, all that they ask is that you don’t touch the cars and don’t go beyond the barriers. These cars are in excellent condition and pristine shape.

Riverside resort Hotel and Casino Laughlin NevadaRiverside resort Hotel and Casino Laughlin Nevada

The hotel and casino is one of the original casinos along the Colorado River and also is home to a large RV parking lot where many vacationers in RV’s will park for a few nights or longer. There is also a large RV park across the road with services for those that want to stay longer.

The Riverside Casino also provides free water taxi rides across the river from a parking lot on the east side of the river which is actually in the state of Arizona. Many people who work at the casinos as well as tourists and casino visitors will park on the Arizona side and take the water taxi across the river. There is a huge amount of parking and the water taxis run every few minutes so no need to worry about schedules etc.

There is lots to do in the Riverside resort Hotel and Casino Laughlin Nevada, so don’t forget to at least take a walk through the casino. The only negative in our minds is the amount of people smoking in the casino. It can be a bit of a turn off for non smokers.


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