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Aquarius Casino Entertainment

Aquarius Casino entertainment Did you know that Aquarius Casino entertainment is sometimes free to patrons of the casino.  During the early afternoon and evening, Casino patrons can sit and enjoy free entertainment in the lounge. Patrons can also purchase drinks or get up and dance if the music moves you.

We spent an enjoyable evening listening to a country and western band and watching line dancing in the lounge area. It was quite entertaining and very enjoyable. The band was very good and the dancers were just people visiting who enjoyed dancing. There were two women who with the band and they got up often to dance and help others particularly with the line dances which are a complicated sequence of moves as far as this writer is concerned. It was all very entertaining and absolutely free. Patrons needed to pay for drinks while watching, however you could also just bring in a drink that you got in the casino for free if you wanted.

Aquarius Casino Entertainment

There is only one lounge area with entertainment as far as we could tell. There is a sports area where you can also watch races and sports games as well, while betting if you enjoy that sort of thing. The city of Laughlin in conjunction with the casinos also sponsors big name entertainment from time to time. Their objective is to book rooms and attract customers to the city and to their hotels and casino’s. It works and Laughlin is often a booming place on the weekends.

The Aquarius Casino is a big casino with high ceilings and a fairly large non smoking area for those that cannot tolerate the stale cigarette smoke. The Aquarius Casino Entertainment also includes all of the latest slot machines and table games that everyone looks for. Golfers and also take in a golf game on one of the local courses and spend the evening at the casino.

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