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Two Slot Cards on One Account

Two Slot Cards on One AccountAll casinos offer slot cards and they all suggest that each person have their own card to track their play separately. There are several reasons why you really should follow this approach. For example when it comes to cashing in your comp’s, especially free play most people want to play their own free play and not share with their spouse or partner. Also if you win a large jackpot you may need to pay tax on it. The tax slip must be issued to the person that won the jackpot and not necessarily the slot card player. If you need a win loss statement it will only be issued to the person registered on the slot card. A win loss statement can mean that you get a refund on your taxes! Two Slot Cards on One Account is not always the best approach.

Two Slot Cards on One Account

Many couples will ask for two cards in the same name figuring that their points will add up faster. They will receive comp’s faster. While this is true in many casinos, some have decided that this approach is not following their rules. As a result they will discontinue a card if it is not being played in a machine beside the first card. Points are lost and the player loses out on comp’s as a result. If players playing on the same card, are playing adjacent to each other, the casino will usually let this go. If they play on machines that are far apart, the casino may decide that this is really not the same person. They may disallow one or both cards until the player comes to the casino host to discuss the issue.

We suggest that each player have their own card for these reasons. Many casinos will combine two cards if requested to determine comp’s for things like free rooms. Free play and meals are awarded on a card basis only at most casinos.

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