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How to find a good slot host

good slot hostWhat are the attributes of a good slot host and how do you find one that delivers the services that you are looking for? Most people are so excited to find out that they have a slot host. They forget the fact that to qualify for a slot host, they may have spent thousands of dollars in the casino. The bottom line the only way to get a slot host is to play a lot. That means time and money are spent in the casino. If you don’t do these things your not going to qualify. Or all of the comp’s that go with it. Assuming that you have qualified and have been assigned a slot host, how do you know when you have a good one?

How to find a Good Slot Host

The answer is pretty simple. If you do not like the first one, then try another or ask for a different host to be assigned. You will need some good reasons so that no one loses face in the discussion. The St Louis River casinos have an Asian slot host team. For example the cater to the visiting Asian customers and anyone else that prefers someone from that culture.

Aside from language and culture, you may also want someone with similar interests or age group. These criteria are all about bonding and nothing to do with discrimination. If your host cannot discuss sports and does not know anything about them, then what are the chances they are going to score tickets for you to a local sports activity. Same thing with entertainment etc. Older people like to bond with someone their own age. Finally, if personalities click then you may feel that you have a better chance to receiving the comp’s that you enjoy. A host who is a stickler for following the rules may not be the best choice for you.

If you feel that you qualify for a host, visit the VIP casino slot office, and meet with a host. Find out what is needed to be assigned a host and if you qualify. You may have already qualified or about to. They may be able to provide you with some comp’s such as free meals, free tickets, and rooms as well as transportation. You do not know until you ask!!!

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