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Aquarius Casino seafood buffet

Aquarius Casino seafood buffetWe recently enjoyed the seafood buffet at the Aquarius Casino and Hotel in Laughlin Nevada. This particular buffet is offered on Friday afternoons and evenings. The prime attraction for us is the crab legs that they offer in both hot and cold varieties.

These crab legs, the hot ones, were absolutely excellent. The meat was sweet and tender, not salty at all, and easy to extract. The Aquarius pre-cuts all of the larger pieces. As a result, they are easier to open and extract the meat from the shells. This is one of the best crab leg and seafood buffets for the money anywhere.

Aquarius Casino seafood buffet – Pricing

The price started at $26 plus tax, however, if you hold a yellow slot card or higher, you are eligible for a 25% discount which brings it down to $19.95. Then you can apply your slot comps to the cost of the buffet which can often mean you eat for free! How good a deal is that.

In addition to crab legs, they have many other types of sea food that is prepared in a variety of ways. In particular, the shrimp were large and fresh. They also had several different kinds of salmon, oysters, clams, mussels, etc. in addition to prime rib and other more traditional foods.

This price also includes two glasses of wine, beer, or mixed drinks. for the price of $26, it is a good deal and if it is free, due to comp’s, well that is a  fantastic deal! The wine is ok, although it is from a bulk tank. It is actually on tap and not poured from a bottle. Still, after the first drink, it is just fine and it is included in your meal. We have not tried the beer or the margarita, however, we have seen lots of people enjoying these drinks as well. Friday or Saturday night are the nights to try the Aquarius Casino seafood buffet!

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