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Colorado Bell Brew Pub

Colorado Bell Brew PubThe Colorado Belle is adding a new pub to the area just outside the north entrance to the casino. It is called the Colorado Bell Brew Pub. The area shown in this picture was taken a few years ago. It is an open area where there are various activities from time to time. They set up open-air parties, pubs, and dances along with bands that play on the weekend. This entire space is now under construction.

The entire area is now closed and boarded up and a new pub is being built in this space. O course we did not take a picture. Since all you would have seen are the barricades and part of the new roof. The pub will be open in the summer of 2014. We will be back at this location in May and will provide an update for our readers at that time.

Colorado Bell Brew Pub

Update – The Colorado Bell Brew Pub is now open with an inside and outside dining area. We visited and tried the breakfast buffet which was ok, but not great. We think this would be a great place to spend some time sitting outside on an afternoon or evening enjoying some munchies and a couple of beers.

All of the hotels are making changes and upgrading their facilities. As the economy is improving, they are benefiting and investing in their properties. Laughlin is in need of some updating. We are happy to see that they are now beginning to spend some money upgrading their facilities. Every casino and hotel is slowly investing some money. But they are not doing a wholesale update at this time.

Laughlin is on the Colorado River at the southern tip of the state of Nevada. It portrays Las Vegas the way it used to be many years ago. Therefore, it is a much more relaxed place to spend a few days and the prices are also much more reasonable as well.

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