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Golden Nugget Casino – Claim Jumper

February 4th, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Claim Jumper Golden Nugget CasinoThe Golden Nugget Casino in Laughlin Nevada has been updating one of their restaurants. Harlows, a restaurants that many of you might know has been renamed to “Claim Jumper”. They have a new menu and spruced up a bit.

The menu has changed, the food is still excellent and the quantities are large. There is lots of food for those of you who want to split a meal. We often split meals simply because we cannot eat so much. The restaurant is really good about this. They will provide us with two plates with the meal already split equally. We ordered two eggs, a slice of ham with the bone in, home fries and toast for a price of $7.99. The meal was split and my wife actually could not finish her half.

Golden Nugget Casino – Restaurant

The waiters and waitresses at the Claim Jumper at the Golden Nugget casino in Laughlin Nevada, all are the same with new uniforms that are very tasteful. While the menu has changed, there are still excellent meals. the early bird meals are no longer available, so some people may pay a little more than they used to.

The Claim Jumper is located at the front of the hotel near the waterfall and jungle area. There is lots of light and it is a very enjoyable place to have breakfast or any other meal. Note that you can use the points on your slot card to pay for your meal as well provided that you use your slot card when you are playing the slots at the Golden Nugget.

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Colorado Belle Casino Pints brewery

February 3rd, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Colorado Belle Casino We just had dinner at the pints brewery restaurant at the Colorado Belle casino in Laughlin Nevada. Designed to look like the interior of a ship, this restaurant combines a brewpub, a sports bar, and a bar that reminds you of being on an ocean liner.

Patrons can sit at the bar, watch sports or play one of their favorite video poker or slot machine games. They can also sit in the main restaurant and observe their favorite sports channel on one of the many TV screens located throughout the restaurant. This would be a great place to spend a few hours and chill. The area is safe and comfortable.

Colorado Belle Casino – Decor

The Decor is meant to be a river boat back in the 50s or 60s. You can also sit near the windows which is meant to be at the front of the ship, looking out on the Colorado River. This is a neat place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is somewhat authentic, not meant for fine dining and more of a pub atmosphere.  Service was also fine, nothing exciting or memorable.

We found the prices to be about the same as any other restaurant in the Laughlin area. We had macho nachos which was a huge plate, with refried beans, tortia meat, onions, jalapeno peppers, and cheese. It was delicious and well worth the money. In fact it was one of the best plates of nachos that I have had in a long time. Next time we are in Laughlin, we will go back and try another dish at this location.

We did not try any of the other items on the menu, however we could see the other diners and some of their meals. They were large and looked delicious.

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Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet

February 2nd, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Aquarius casino coffee shop - Duet.jpg The Aquarius Casino in Laughlin Nevada has opened up their new Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet. It replaced the Starbucks restaurant that used to be at the Aquarius Casino. This is a modern up-to-date clean, and smartphone and computer-friendly restaurant/coffee shop.

Wi-Fi is available within the coffee shop and within at least 100 feet of the entrance to the coffee shop. There are lots of chairs and tables set up. In addition, there’s a counter in the middle of the coffee shop that has lots of room for laptop computers with power outlets which are lacking in many coffee shops. This is truly a computer-friendly coffee shop.

Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet

Background music is peaceful and not too loud which was a problem for the previous Starbucks restaurant. There are more food items available although they are expensive as usual in any casino coffee shop or restaurant.

This is a huge improvement to the previous Starbucks restaurant that used to be here. They still offer the 10% discount with your Aquarius card and you can charge your food and beverage to your room for later consideration to be comped.

There are other areas within the casino that are under construction and we look forward to these improvements as well. They are updating some of the other restaurants and have already updated the elevator lobby.

The Aquarius hotel is located on the banks of the Colorado River on the Nevada side of the river. Patrons can walk along the banks of the river from one end of the casino row to the other in comfortable and safe surroundings. Some of the casinos have outdoor dining on warm nights along the river. Although most are indoors with large windows that look out on the river. The Aquarius hotel has floor to ceiling windows in the buffet restaurant that allows you to look out on the river while enjoying your meal. The Aquarius casino coffee shop – Duet is located inside and does not have windows.

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17th Floor Aquarius Casino Laughlin

March 8th, 2013 ernie Posted in Laughlin 2 Comments »

17th Floor Aquarius CasinoThis picture is not the greatest, since it was taken from the 17th floor of the Aquarius Casino Laughlin in Laughlin, Nevada. The reflection through the window is a bit bothersome. But you can see the Colorado River and Bullhead, Arizona on the other side.

Bullhead is actually is in a different timezone from Nevada, mountain time! If you are visiting or living on the other side of the river, one must keep track of what time it is and take note of the one hour time difference across the river.

We have been to the Aquarius many times and always have fun and great food. The Aquarius is starting to spend some money on updates to its casino, and hotel. These updates are needed since the hotel was in danger of becoming tired looking. For example the old Starbucks is now closed. The area has been reopened as a coffee shop under the Aquarius name. Note, you can still obtain free WiFi at the coffee shop. This makes it a very popular spot for many people who wish to check their email or check on air schedules at the airport.

Aquarius Casino Laughlin – First Time

If you are visiting the Aquarius for the first time, take advantage of the boardwalk along the river. Meander along the river from casino to casino. This is a nice way to spend an hour or so taking in the river and the fresh clean air. You can go into any of the casinos. However in our opinion the Aquarius is the best of them all in terms of cleanliness and fresh air. Many of them have low ceilings and not enough air movement to get rid of the cigarette smoke that seems to hang around.

The buffet at the Aquarius is also something to visit and enjoy. You get the standard buffet for the price that you pay plus wine or beer with your meal. On the weekends, they have a seafood buffet. They have the best crab legs we have seen at many other locations. Try to get a seat down by the window where you can look out on to the boardwalk and also observe people as they walk past. They can see you as well, so if you wish a little more privacy while you enjoy your meal, you may not want to sit right beside the window.

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Outback Restaurant at Aquarius Casino

March 8th, 2013 ernie Posted in Laughlin No Comments »

Outback Restaurant at Aquarius CasinoWe ate at the Outback restaurant at Aquarius casino hotel in Laughlin Nevada tonight and enjoyed the meal very much. We sat in the bar area at a booth rather than wait in line for a table.  It measured up to other Outback restaurants we have been to in Canada and other parts of the US. The Aquarius Casino and hotel are in Laughlin Nevada. It is situated along the Colorado River along with about 8 or 9 other hotels in the area.

The restaurant is inside the hotel and does not have outdoor access. We found it to be quite dark and not endearing to us. The service was ok, although one of the servers lost a plate and it went screaming to the floor with a lot of food etc spattered all over the place. this was a bit of excitement we could have done without. These things happen, however, it was just one more thing that we think will persuade us to not go back to this particular restaurant.

Outback Restaurant at Aquarius Casino vs. Texas Roadhouse

However, when we compare it to a Texas Roadhouse or Logan’s roadhouse, we found it somewhat lacking. We have been to these restaurants as well in many places and have come to enjoy them very much for their atmosphere, their food, and of course their happy hour drinks and specials. A Texas Roadhouse is at the top of our list in terms of places to go for pubs and eateries of this particular class.

We found that portion size, tenderness of the meat, size of the baked potato, no salad all for a price that is more expensive than either of the other places mentioned just did not cut it for us. Of course, we are in a Casino, so the prices tend to be a bit higher, however, most casinos go out of their way to make sure that the portion size of the meal is way beyond what you really need to have. These portion sizes were actually quite small and not really appetizing at all. The baked potato was suitable for one person for example and not really shareable. A baked potato at a Texas Roadhouse for example would be twice the size and very sharable.

We probably will not go back to this particular restaurant chain, preferring to go to other places that provide better value. We will definitely not be going back to the Outback Steakhouse at the Aquarius and instead will go to some of the other restaurants at this hotel and other casinos along the Colorado River in Laughlin.

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