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What Casino Hotels are Still Open in Atlantic City

What Casino Hotels are Still Open in Atlantic CityIf you are planning a trip to Atlantic City and staying at one of the casino hotels it is important to ask, what casino hotels are still open in Atlantic City. We will answer this questions and give you a status update on each one as of the time of writing this post. There is no question that Atlantic city is struggling due to a number of reasons including competition from other casinos in surrounding states. As well as economic issues related to taxes and tolls just to get there. For many patrons, it is just easier to go to their local casino.

What Casino Hotels are Still Open in Atlantic City

The following are still open and doing relatively well compared to results in 2013. After each hotel name we show the total revenue and the percentage change from 2013.

Borgata: 687.2, +10.7 percent
Harrah’s: 365.3, +2.5
Caesar’s: 330.6, -1.7
Tropicana: 297.2, +29.9
Bally’s: 224.8, -8
Trump Taj Mahal: 215.8, -16.9
Golden Nugget: 185.5, +48.4
Resorts: 139.3, +6.6

It should be noted that Trump Taj Mahal has been purchased and recently closed. Restructuring and union concessions have not worked out to allow the casino and hotel to stay open.

The remaining hotels and casinos are still open. However it should be noted that Caesars Corporate is going through bankruptcy proceedings. They own three of the above hotels.


Showboat: $110.5, closed Aug. 31
Revel: 98.1, closed Sept. 2
Trump Plaza: 45.4, closed Sept. 16
Atlantic Club: 3.9, closed Jan. 13

The Revel has been purchased. But is not near reopening due to lawsuits and fines from the city that are still under discussion.

The Trump Plaza casino will stay closed for at least 10 years as part of a tax savings measure.

The Atlantic Club is still closed. However, there are proposals to refurbish it into a water park and upscale hotel

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