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Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels Deals

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels DealsAtlantic city boardwalk hotels deals are available now that are among the best in the nation. Atlantic City took a huge hit from hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012. From the press reports, many Americans and visitors from other countries have the impression that the boardwalk along the casino strip was wrecked. Also that the casinos were badly damaged. There was a several block section that was damaged and torn up in a noncommercial area of the beach. However, the boardwalk in front of the casinos was hardly damaged at all. The Sand dunes in front of the boardwalk protected the boardwalk and the casinos from the pounding waves.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hotels Deals – Travel is Down

However, as a result of all of the media reports and the fact that many people in the New Jersey and New York City area took a hit from Sandy, travel is down over 50% to the Atlantic City casinos. As a result, there are lots of deals available for tourists visiting the area.  Atlantic city hotels are offering great deals to gain their customers back. In case you are wondering if this is a paid post for the casinos it is not at all. The writer is a long time visitor to Atlantic City. We were not planning to go this summer due to all of the bad media reports.

Based on some online reports and searches, it is obvious the media has done an injustice to this area of Atlantic City. I am looking at a webcam that is live, right now on the boardwalk in front of the resort’s hotel and it is as if nothing has happened. The boardwalk looks perfect and there appears to be no damage at all. I am sure that at the time, there was a lot of clean up needed and repairs, however, they seem to have accomplished that and it all looks great from the view of the camera transmitting pictures.

Time to Obtain Deals from Atlantic City Hotels

Atlantic city hotels will work hard to gain back all of their tourist traffic on Memorial day. Also over the summer period when the majority of people visit. You can expect great deals to attract people to the area. They want them to come to the casinos and the restaurants along the boardwalk. It will be interesting to see just how many small business owners suffer due to lost business from lack of tourists vs. the damage that was caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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