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New Akwesasne Casino Hotel

New Akwesasne Casino HotelWe recently had an opportunity to stay at the new Akwesasne Casino Hotel. The people who designed the hotel have measured up to what everybody expects from a Casino Hotel. This is a very nice place to stay with beautiful rooms and a beautiful pool. There are also great restaurants and the rooms are extremely well appointed.

A big flat-screen wall-mounted TV in the room with a bar and fridge. There is no microwave in the room that we had.

The shower is very clean very nice and a standup shower. The room also comes with a Keurig coffee maker as well. The best thing about the hotel is that there is no smoking anywhere in the hotel. If you want to smoke, you need to either go into a smoking area in the casino or go outside and smoke.  In fact, fewer and fewer people also seem to be smoking in the casino which is really a great thing.

Room Costs at the New Akwesasne Casino Hotel

The rates for rooms are running at $119 to $129 during the week and at higher prices during the weekend. Of course, if you are a casino member of their winner circle card you can enjoy rates much lower. In some cases, you’ll be given free rooms on the weekend and during weekdays.

Receiving a free room that allows you to stay over and not have to drive home is like winning a small jackpot in many cases. People from Canada and northeastern parts of New York State all appreciate being treated to a free room when they would be gambling anyway.

Winners Circle Card

Their slot card is called the winner’s circle card. For those readers who do not know what a slot card is, it is a plastic card that you insert into the slot machine’s card reader. It identifies you to the machine when then keeps track of all of your slot play. Based on this play the casino will then reward comps to their most frequent playing customers. These comps can include free rooms as mentioned, free meals, and even a free bridge pass for those that need to cross the bridge back into Canada.

This is a great place to stay at and we highly recommend it as a nice hotel to spend a day or two at.

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