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Video poker slot machines

Video poker slot machinesThere are many different kinds of Video poker slot machines, however one I enjoy playing is deuces wild, multi hand poker. You are dealt one hand and then you decide which cards you want to keep for all of the other hands. Once you have selected the cards that you wish to keep, you press deal to draw new cards for those positions you did not hold.

Video poker slot machines

The picture above shows a real, if not unusual hand where I was dealt four deuces! Obviously I held the deuces which is shown on this picture and was paid 1000 credits per hand. This was a very jackpot even if I was only betting nickels! Note that for 10 hands the total bet is $2.50, which is not a shabby bet.

Video poker can be a lot of fun however like most games sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. This particular hand paid for our trip. It is one of the reasons I enjoy playing this game so much. When you do win a nice hand the payout is fairly large.

In this case you are playing 10 hands so you are betting ten times the normal amount, but when it pays it really pays well. The obvious trick is to get a really good paying hand dealt to you in the beginning which you then hold! Deuces wild ten handed video poker paid 10,000 credits !

A variation on this game is when there is a random multiplier that appears on the screen. In addition to winning whatever comes up on the screen the random multiplier will multiply the amount. This amount can vary from two times to as much as ten times your winnings. I have yet to win a large hand with a multiplier. One of these days there will be a large jackpot in my future!

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