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Aquarius Casino Comp's The Aquarius Casino and Hotel in Laughlin Nevada is probably the best hotel in the city to stay at. There are two towers with the casino in the middle. Families and parties stay in the tower on the north side. Couples looking for a quieter room usually stay in the south tower. Both hotel towers and their elevators are located just off the casino floor.

Duet has opened in the last year, it is a coffee shop similar to Starbucks with higher prices because it is attached to the hotel. There’s also a subway and a McDonald’s if you’re looking for something inexpensive. There is also a coffee shop with a full à la cart menu, and the buffet that serves fantastic food at reasonable prices. There is an outback restaurant and also another restaurant called the vineyard which we have not tried. For your money, we suggest eating at the buffet where you can enjoy two alcoholic drinks along with your meal.

Aquarius Casino – Seafood Night

On Friday nights they have king crab legs, and on Saturday night it is a seafood buffet. If you like seafood this is the place to go to and they have the best crab legs that we’ve had in many places.

For those people looking for free Wi-Fi Internet access, enjoy your coffee at the duet and connect to the Wi-Fi for free at this location. If you want to use the Wi-Fi in your room, it’s going to cost you at least $10 a day.

The Aquarius Casino Hotel is located along the Colorado River. There is a walkway that allows you to walk from one end of the casino strip to the other. You can go in and out of all of the casinos and access them by this walkway that runs along the Colorado River past all the hotels with the exception of Harrahs .

You can also catch a water taxi across the river to the other side in Bullhead or down the river to any of the hotels. There are daily jet boat rides along the river to points south and you can also rent Sea-Doo’s to cruise the river. This is a very fast flowing river and the water is quite cold so be sure to wear life jackets and wetsuits for protection if you’re going to go on any of the Sea do’s or if you plan to go swimming. In fact we recommend that you do not go swimming in the Colorado River.

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