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Treasure Island on the Strip

Treasure Island As of April, 2014 Treasure Island on the strip is being updated with a new entertainment area. It is replacing the pirate ship that used to provide entertainment every hour on the hour.

There’s a lot of construction around the hotel. It is constantly being updated. They want to provide better service and cater to Las Vegas tourists staying at the hotel. There’s also a local Starbucks right at the corner at the entrance on the strip to the treasure Island hotel. The tram continues to run between the hotel treasure Island, and the Mirage Hotel which is part of the MGM group. Reader should note that Treasure Island is no longer a part of the MGM group of hotels.

Treasure Island – Dark Casino

Personally, we find the casino very dark with dark brown carpets and dark furnishings. I’m sure it appeals to many people however we like a brighter atmosphere than one that is dark and drab. The Wynn casino and hotel is diagonally across the street from Treasure Island. It is an example of an upscale bright and modern casino and hotel that we like to visit. On the other corner is the Venetian Hotel. And also across the street is the fashion show mall. These are all connected by above street walkways that provide safe passage across the major intersection in front of these casinos.

This area is one of the best to stay in. Regardless of which hotel you stay at your within short walking distance of at least 10 major casinos and of course the fashion show mall. There’s lots to do on the strip including shopping, bars and of course casinos.

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