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Wynn Slot tournaments

July 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses 1 Comment »

Wynn slot tournamentThe Wynn hotel and casino is the nicest hotel on the strip in our opinion and we just attended one of the Wynn Slot Tournaments that was recently held there. The Wynn hotel and the casino is beautiful, clean, not smoky and elegant all together. They seem to always have someone going around cleaning, straightening chairs, dusting and maintaining the Wynn hotel at a high standard. We loved getting an invitation to play in a free slot tournament with our rooms comp’d and an invitation to a slot tournament party at the end. It cannot get any better than that all because we always use a slot card when we are play the slots at the Wynn Casino.

Wynn Slot tournaments – Invitation

The invitation included free entry to the tournament, three nights free in one of their deluxe hotel rooms, and an invitation including our guests to the party after the tournament when the awards are handed out. There were 238 people participating with the top prize being $35,000 in free play along with 19 other smaller wins. Just the three nights along are worth about $600 in value alone. This is a great deal and of course you are going to gamble outside of the tournament which you may win or lose. As long as you are careful, this can be a very good deal to participate in this tournament.

Exciting Contests

The tournament was exciting and professional. Our names were on the screens at the top of the slot machine. These are special machines that are set up specifically for the tournament. The slot tournament lasted a total of ten minutes and I think there was about 35 people in our round. I came in 5th overall in our round. Ufortunately that was not high enough to win any of the prizes.

Basically you press the play button all of the time. You must watch the screen for balloons that pop up on the screen from time to time. With your other hand you must touch the balloons on the screen to explode then and earn additional points. My score was around 385,000, while the winner had over 435,000 points. This was all very exciting. I would encourage everyone to take part in a tournament anytime you get the chance.

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All Casino Bonuses

January 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

All Casino BonusesAll casino bonuses are not the same and not all casinos provide the same complimentary gifts and rooms along with meals. You really have to check each casino to confirm what promises they provide in terms of comps for things like food, rooms and shows. These comps can actually end up being part of your win at the casino. Think of it this way. You go to the casino, you have only so much money to spend for gambling, food and whatever you plan to drink along with accommodations if you plan to stay the night. If the casino arranges to provide you with free meals and a free room, this can amount to several hundred dollars in savings.

All Casino Bonuses – Casino Business is Competitive

The casino business is very competitive. Ultimately they are trying to attract customers to the casino from other casinos and trying to make money at the same time. Based on the business and we’ve seen the complementary bonuses of the receipt along with how nice the casinos are, we think they’re making lots of money.

For example at one casino that we go to where we play nickel and Penny slot machines, we never have to pay for a meal. We also get free rooms during the week almost every week of every month of the year. This is a really great service and the bonuses are very attractive. They are what keep us coming back all of the time to this casino and not to others.

In markets where there’s only one casino serving a population of 1 million or more people, the bonuses are usually not that great. A good example of that is a Rideau Carlton racetrack Casino in Ottawa Ontario. They are well-known for not providing very good bonuses, or free meals and they cannot even provide a free room at any hotel. Another casino, the Akwesasne casino in Hogansburg New York provides many free rooms at a very nice hotel, and with a point system on their slot card you can pretty much guarantee that you will have enough money for paying for meals such as the buffet or at Sticks, one of their restaurants.

Casino Bonuses

All of these casino bonuses are part of your package in terms of your win loss ratio and should be considered when you discuss or account for how much money you’ve won or have lost during your time at the casino. Take into account the total package when you consider your net wins and losses at the casino.

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Best Casino Bonus

December 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Best Casino BonusCasino bonuses come in various forms. Some are actual physical mailing via the post office, but this becoming increasingly rare. Most today are sent via email, or customers can sign on to their accounts to see what bonuses are available to them. Clients can also call their casino host to confirm bonuses that are available to them! What is the Best Casino Bonus?

Best Casino Bonus

Best casino bonuses are the ones that are free, with no strings attached. These are from past visits to a casino and they are merely urging you to return. These bonuses can be free rooms, free shows, free meals, or free play. These are just the same as winning small jackpots and if you are smart about it, these bonuses can save you a great deal of money.

Most are tied to more play at the casino whether online casinos or the traditional ones. For example, if you earn a certain amount of points you will be eligible for some casino bonus like a free buffet or show tickets that day. If the Buffet costs $17.95 per person which is a typical amount, that is a small $38 jackpot for two people.

Casino bonuses can include:


  • Free rooms
  • Free meals
  • Complimentary shows
  • Free play
  • Free points to use on almost anything

Every player has a different view of what the best casino bonus is for them! Many would just prefer to be given free play to use on the slot machines. While others do enjoy free tickets to a show. Let your casino host know which casino bonus you prefer and they will update your account to award these types of bonuses to you.

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Latest Casino Bonuses

November 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Latest Casino BonusesThe following is a list of the latest casino bonuses that are being offered by many casinos. Some are better than others. Some casinos offer higher amounts of money etc since they are in a competitive market. Monitor your comps and try different casinos from different competitive companies to see just how much you are being provided.

Latest Casino Bonuses

Free play – this is money that is loaded onto your card and can be played in most but not all slot machines. To activate all you need to do is sign into your account and select free play and then begin playing your slot machine.

Free rooms – are often offered, or at least reduced to some of the higher-rated players. Even if the room is not free, a discount is still saving you money.

Free meals – such as buffets, etc are offered usually through the number of points that are accumulated as you play. The points can be used like cash to pay for meals etc. in other situations you may be offered 2 for one deal.

Discounts on Everything

Discounts on everything – often casinos will offer discounts in the tuck shop or in stores that are part of the casino if you are carrying a slot card. Use your points to pay for these items as well.

Upgrades on rooms – if you do not get a free room, a discount is the next best thing. From 20 to 50% discounts on the price of a room is sometimes offered.

Sky is the limit for whales – big-time gamblers will have their airfare paid for, their rooms paid for, tickets to shows paid for, meals paid for, and just about anything else the casino can provide to keep you coming to their facility.

Free air travel – and free gas for those that drive to a vacation casino property. Usually, people who receive free air tickets are heavy gamblers.

Free show tickets – for tickets to some of the best shows, with behind the curtain opportunities as well.

Complimentary golf – golf round available including golf carts for you and your buddies at some of the best courses available.

Free sports tickets – to sports events held in the casino for the whales.

The list goes on and on. If you can think it and it is within their power to provide it, the casinos will make it happen for their best customers.

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Free Casino Bonuses

November 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Free Casino BonusesHow to get free casino bonuses

If you want to receive free casino bonuses, you must make sure that the casino knows that you’re in the casino. That you are playing the slot machines, or the tables. The casinos have automated the approach to tracking their customers. They now use slot cards primarily for people who play machines. At the tables, it is still the pit boss who keeps track of someone playing at their tables. You are at their mercy in terms of casino bonuses. However, if you get their attention and they observe that you are consistently playing without delay without taking breaks they will reward you with extra comps and bonuses. This is including free meals, rooms, etc depending on your style of play, the denomination of your bets, and so on.

Slot cards

A slot card is a simple card much like a credit card but with a different function. It identifies the player to the casino whenever the slot card is inserted into the slot machine. When the card is in the machine the computer will keep track of your play, the amount that you bet, and the time spent playing the machine. Based on the stats, the casino will figure out what bonuses to provide you while you’re in the casino as well as on your next trip. It is these stats that are so important when it comes to receiving free bonuses and patrons of the casino should always make sure that their slot card is properly inserted.

Not all slot cards are the Same

All slot cards work pretty much the same way. Unfortunately, not all casinos give out comps or bonuses in the same manner or the same quantity. As a general rule, if there is lots of competition, the comp’s are going to get better. If there is only one casino in the area, then you may receive mediocre comps and bonuses. I guess something is better than nothing.

A good example is the OLG casinos run in Ontario. They give out bonuses, however, they are notorious for being the worst in the industry for bonuses, simply because they do not have any competition in the markets they operate in. if you are looking for serious bonuses, don’t waste your money in OLG casinos, go to the states or border towns like Niagara Falls and Windsor to receive better casino bonuses.

Types of Free Bonuses to Expect

They all depend on your play and the number of visits to the casino, the length of time you spend playing, and the denomination of your bets. But even a little casino bonus is better than nothing at all.

Free rooms – or discounted rooms can be obtained based on your play
Complimentary meals – free meals, two for one deal, and discounted meals.
Free play – free cash loaded onto your card for you to play in the slot machines
Small jackpot – sometimes small jackpots are awarded based on draws, etc
Free upgrades – an upgrade to a better class of room is sometimes offered
Casino rate – paying the casino rate is always better than someone booking a room with no slot card.

Points Play – based on your play, points are awarded and can be used to pay for meals, rooms, and sundries at the gift store.

Remember to always make sure to have your slot card properly inserted into your slot machine when playing. If you see an error message on the small screen, re-insert your card. Make sure that your play counts towards your casino bonuses.

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