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Latest Casino Bonuses

Latest Casino BonusesThe following is a list of the latest casino bonuses that are being offered by many casinos. Some are better than others. Some casinos offer higher amounts of money etc since they are in a competitive market. Monitor your comps and try different casinos from different competitive companies to see just how much you are being provided.

Latest Casino Bonuses

Free play – this is money that is loaded onto your card and can be played in most but not all slot machines. To activate all you need to do is sign into your account and select free play and then begin playing your slot machine.

Free rooms – are often offered, or at least reduced to some of the higher-rated players. Even if the room is not free, a discount is still saving you money.

Free meals – such as buffets, etc are offered usually through the number of points that are accumulated as you play. The points can be used like cash to pay for meals etc. in other situations you may be offered 2 for one deal.

Discounts on Everything

Discounts on everything – often casinos will offer discounts in the tuck shop or in stores that are part of the casino if you are carrying a slot card. Use your points to pay for these items as well.

Upgrades on rooms – if you do not get a free room, a discount is the next best thing. From 20 to 50% discounts on the price of a room is sometimes offered.

Sky is the limit for whales – big-time gamblers will have their airfare paid for, their rooms paid for, tickets to shows paid for, meals paid for, and just about anything else the casino can provide to keep you coming to their facility.

Free air travel – and free gas for those that drive to a vacation casino property. Usually, people who receive free air tickets are heavy gamblers.

Free show tickets – for tickets to some of the best shows, with behind the curtain opportunities as well.

Complimentary golf – golf round available including golf carts for you and your buddies at some of the best courses available.

Free sports tickets – to sports events held in the casino for the whales.

The list goes on and on. If you can think it and it is within their power to provide it, the casinos will make it happen for their best customers.

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