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Free Casino BonusesHow to get free casino bonuses

If you want to receive free casino bonuses, you must make sure that the casino knows that you’re in the casino. That you are playing the slot machines, or the tables. The casinos have automated the approach to tracking their customers. They now use slot cards primarily for people who play machines. At the tables, it is still the pit boss who keeps track of someone playing at their tables. You are at their mercy in terms of casino bonuses. However, if you get their attention and they observe that you are consistently playing without delay without taking breaks they will reward you with extra comps and bonuses. This is including free meals, rooms, etc depending on your style of play, the denomination of your bets, and so on.

Slot cards

A slot card is a simple card much like a credit card but with a different function. It identifies the player to the casino whenever the slot card is inserted into the slot machine. When the card is in the machine the computer will keep track of your play, the amount that you bet, and the time spent playing the machine. Based on the stats, the casino will figure out what bonuses to provide you while you’re in the casino as well as on your next trip. It is these stats that are so important when it comes to receiving free bonuses and patrons of the casino should always make sure that their slot card is properly inserted.

Not all slot cards are the Same

All slot cards work pretty much the same way. Unfortunately, not all casinos give out comps or bonuses in the same manner or the same quantity. As a general rule, if there is lots of competition, the comp’s are going to get better. If there is only one casino in the area, then you may receive mediocre comps and bonuses. I guess something is better than nothing.

A good example is the OLG casinos run in Ontario. They give out bonuses, however, they are notorious for being the worst in the industry for bonuses, simply because they do not have any competition in the markets they operate in. if you are looking for serious bonuses, don’t waste your money in OLG casinos, go to the states or border towns like Niagara Falls and Windsor to receive better casino bonuses.

Types of Free Bonuses to Expect

They all depend on your play and the number of visits to the casino, the length of time you spend playing, and the denomination of your bets. But even a little casino bonus is better than nothing at all.

Free rooms – or discounted rooms can be obtained based on your play
Complimentary meals – free meals, two for one deal, and discounted meals.
Free play – free cash loaded onto your card for you to play in the slot machines
Small jackpot – sometimes small jackpots are awarded based on draws, etc
Free upgrades – an upgrade to a better class of room is sometimes offered
Casino rate – paying the casino rate is always better than someone booking a room with no slot card.

Points Play – based on your play, points are awarded and can be used to pay for meals, rooms, and sundries at the gift store.

Remember to always make sure to have your slot card properly inserted into your slot machine when playing. If you see an error message on the small screen, re-insert your card. Make sure that your play counts towards your casino bonuses.

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