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October 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses 1 Comment »

Casino Bonuses OnlineSign up for slot cards to receive both casino bonuses online as well as receive them by email and in the traditional way via snail mail. In fact, you can ask the casino to only send your casino bonuses online by email if you are traveling a lot and prefer to receive everything by email. This is really the most convenient way to get our bonuses.

Sign Up for Free Slot Cards

They are free to all casino players. All you need to do is sign up at the slot card desk. They just need proof of address and a couple of pieces of identification and you are ready to go. They will print a slot card for you which you must use whenever you are playing slots. This keeps track of your play and how much you spend to help them decide what casino bonuses to provide to you.

Give them your email id and they will send everything by email. Of course, you must make sure that these emails do not end up in your junk folder. Just go into your junk folder once and while to see what is there and designate those that you know are legitimate so they will appear in your regular mail in the future.

Receive Casino Bonuses Online Offers

Receive email news and offers for casino bonuses to all of your favorite casinos. In some cases, you can sign onto their website. Review all of the offers that are available to you at various properties. These are usually the large chains such as MGM and Harrah’s casinos that have this particular feature. View bonuses online and then select the one that you want to take advantage of. Often free night stays at their hotels are the most common. Book free bonus rooms online or just call the hotel reservations line, give them your slot card number and the online bonus number you want to use to book your free or discounted room.

Players can also view the free play, cashback offers, etc. online as well. This is the best way by far to find out what casino bonuses are available online.

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Casino Bonus

September 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses 1 Comment »

Casino BonusWe continually receive casino bonus emails and frankly this is the best way to get them. Some still arrive by regular mail however if you are traveling and away from home a lot, they typically do not get to us in time to take advantage of the offers. Email is much preferred as a method to receive information about casino bonuses. You can quickly review the bonus and then decide if you want to keep it or just delete it. Of course you can also log onto your promotions account and find out what the offers are, however this takes more time etc. We are more than satisfied to receive these casino bonuses by email.

Store Casino Bonus On Your Smart Phone

There is no need to store them or take them with you when you go to the casino. They are all on your smart phone and they are on your slot card as well! Occasionally we need an offer code that must be provided in order to receive the bonus from the casino. Always keep your bonus with you on your smart phone until the date has passed or you have used the bonus.

The casino usually also has all of these bonus offers on file and will be able to provide you with the reward just by scanning your slot card.

What Are the Types of Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses include free play which is money that you can use to play on your favorite slot machine, free meals at restaurants in the casino or attached hotel, free rooms at the hotel on specified nights and much more depending on your play. If you are a heavy player expect really high casino bonuses. These can be like small jackpots for many people and sometimes you win a large jackpot on your free play, which is an extra bonus.

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Online Casino Bonus

September 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses 1 Comment »

Online Casino BonusMany casinos are corresponding with their clients by email and also by providing links on their websites to user comp’s! Online Casino Bonus is delivered to them regardless of where they are right to their smartphones. This is clearly the way of the future. There are so many benefits to taking this approach compared to the old snail mail approach.

Online Casino Bonus Comp’s

Online casino bonuses include free rooms, free play, and free tickets to shows. Also free meals as well as many other comp’s that high rollers value. These comps are earned by using your slot card and inserting it into the slot machine. It keeps track of the amount of play that you do. They look at time spent, the amount of money you bet, and the rate of betting. Based on these factors along with the number of times and kind of slot machines you play the casinos will determine what comp’s you are eligible for. They will send them to you either electronically by email. Or refer you to their website where you can sign in and collect your comp’s or send a coupon to you via the old snail mail method.

Sending comp’s by snail mail costs much more money than sending an online bonus by email etc. Most casinos deliver their comp’s in this manner now, saving thousands of dollars in mailing costs. The cost of printing, packaging, and postage was astronomical compared to sending an email with attachments or referrals to a website where their customer can log into their account and see what they have in terms of comps.

Free Rooms and Freeplay Online Bonus

The comps we enjoy the most are receiving complimentary rooms, free play, and free meals. This saves us money and allows us to stay at hotels that we might not be able to afford otherwise. The rooms are always great and receiving one of the comp’s is the same as winning a small jackpot. In addition, free play is always fun. This is an amount of credit that you receive on your slot card which you can play in the same manner that you would play your own money. If you win while you are playing your free play, you get to keep the winnings.

Many slot cards also award points to your card as you play the slots or the tables. Customers can use these points for just about anything you would spend money on in the casino, including sundries from the gift shop to paying for meals at the buffet or even the high-end restaurants. All of this is free and if you are not taking advantage of these online bonuses now, you should be. As we said they are the same as winning a small jackpot and who would walk away from winning a jackpot.

Online casinos are also offering online bonuses, however, they do not appear to be as lucrative. They can only offer free play which is great, but sometimes you just want to be able to do something different with your points. The brick-and-mortar casinos with their online bonuses are clearly the way to go for this gambler.

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Casino Free Play

August 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Casino Free PlayCasino Free Play is another way that the casinos reward their customers based on their play at the slot machines. This is a credit they add to your slot card. It can be used as real money while playing the slots. You cannot cash in the free play. But you can cash in any winnings you might get while playing the slots using your casino free play!

How Much Can You Win With Casino Free Money

We once had received $100 in casino free play and hit a jackpot of $800. Which we cashed in of course! You do not always win like that. But you usually get 75% to 100% of your casino free play cashback from winning small jackpots! The amount you win while playing free play credit can vary a great deal. If you win a jackpot, well the sky is the limit.

On the other hand, if you win a bunch of small wins as you are playing you can expect as we indicated earlier. It will range from 50 to 75% of the amount of free play you received. The amount you win depends on the particular machine you are playing. Also whether it is in a winning cycle or not. We find that the poker machines tend to pay a little better than some of the other machines unless of course, you win a jackpot.

How To Receive Comps

Casino free play can be mailed to you as a coupon or it can just show up on your card as a surprise one day. Most casinos want you to visit the slot host and they will add the casino free play you are entitled to. You will usually have 24 hours to use it and if you do not use it you could lose it altogether. We find the best approach is to see the slot host, have the free play added to our slot card, and then use it right away!

You will also need to enter a PIN number which you must remember and use at the slot machine in order to obtain your free play.  If you forget it the slot host can reset it for you.

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Casino Free Bonus

July 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Casino Bonuses No Comments »

Casino Free BonusCasino free bonus opportunities abound if you know how to find them and take advantage of them. Many consumers visit a resort area such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas. They book their trips through a travel agent for both flights and hotels. If you have never been to any of these areas, this is not a bad way to travel there for the first time. You get a chance to get to know the cities, the resorts, and experience everything that the resort has to offer. Even on your first trip, there are casino free bonuses that can be found.

The main way to take advantage of casino free bonus opportunities is to obtain a free casino slot card if you plan to play the slots. If you play the tables for any length of time, you can also receive bonuses from the pit boss as well. Back to the casino slot cards. They are free to sign up for and all you do is plug them in to the slot machine while you are playing slots. They keep track of your play. Based on your play, the amount you bet over time, and the length of time that you play, you will become eligible for bonuses from the casino.

Casino Free Bonus

The casino free bonus can consist of free play, meal comp’s, show comp’s, and room comp’s. It all depends on how much you play. Some of the casinos are fully automated and you can get your free bonus without needing to see a slot casino host. You build up comp’s as you play. When you decide to dine at a restaurant in the casino, and it comes time to pay, first give your slot card to the waiter and he or she will deduct whatever comp you have on your card. If you still owe money, all you need to do is to pay the rest with your credit card or charge the remainder to your room.

We always charge our meals to our room and then go see the slot host before we check out to see what they will do for us. Many times they will write off some or all of these expenses in addition to the slot comp we already received. For many people, this can be the same as winning another little jackpot. If the casino is willing to give you this slot bonus, why not take advantage of it.

Free Play Casino Bonus

Free play is another casino bonus that can be fun to get. This free play is money that is added to your slot card to be used in a slot machine. The casino adds this free play bonus based on your play. It allows players to play the slots with this money until it is used up. You cannot take the free play out in cash, but any winnings you get while playing the free play is yours to keep.

We have won $800 on occasion just from our free play. This is really a bonus in my mind. You do not always win a large amount, but often you will win the equivalent in free play which you can continue play or take it out and keep the cash.

Casino Free Bonus Rooms

Free rooms are another benefit that can be very attractive as a bonus. You can receive free rooms in two ways. The first is to see the slot host before you check out of your hotel. They will let you know if they will comp you for anything charged to your room including the cost of the room. Again it depends on how much you gamble during your stay. If you play is high enough, they will often give you a night or two free. Which can compensate for any losses that you may have experienced.

The second way to receive free rooms as a bonus is through coupons that are mailed to you. When you sign up for a slot card, typically you will give them your address as well as your email. You can receive coupons with free rooms attached from time to time. Again depending on the amount of play from your last visit. The hotels also use this approach to build visits on slow weeks. They do this when they know the hotel will not be full. This is usually when there are no conferences on or it is just a slow period.

Take advantage of casino free bonus opportunities whenever you can. At least you will get some money back from your slot play.

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