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When Can I Get the Best Casino Comp’s

When Can I Get the Best Casino Comp'sWhen can I get the best casino comp’s? The answer is pretty straight forward and only requires a little flexibility in terms of when you travel and a little effort on your part. First and foremost you must be a casino slot card member. Inserting this card into the slot machine when you are playing will ensure that the casino knows you are playing, how long you are playing and how much money you actually gamble with. Based on these statistics, they will offer you a variety of casino comp’s which can include free meals, free rooms, free play and even transportation if you are a high roller. Once you have accumulated points etc, the trick is to know when to use them to maximize your return in terms of casino comp’s.

When Can I Get the Best Casino Comp’s

the absolute best time to maximize your casino comp’s is when they are not too busy. For example, one casino with a hotel attached to it is experiencing a slow period right now. A combination of the weather, the fact that there are no meetings or conferences going on all contribute to a low occupancy rate in the hotel and not many people in the casino. This is the best time to score a free room, maybe a couple of free meals etc, because they want to get people coming to the casino and gambling.

The worst time to go to a casino in terms of comp’s is when the hotel is full of convention attendees. One time we tried to book a room during a major conference and not only were we not comp’d for the room, they wanted to charge us $700 a night because they only had a few rooms left. This is for a room that normally sold for $100 a night and was normally comp’d during slower periods. It really pays to time your visit with the slower periods if you want to maximize your comp’s and save money for what you really like to do and that is gambling.

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