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Avoiding Travel Resort Fees

Travel Resort FeesMany hotels are now charging travel resort fees to cover increased services and expenses. This goes directly to the bottom line and can greatly improve profit levels. These fees cover such services as the morning newspaper. Also free WiFi, access to the gym, and access to the business center. When you add this $10 to $35 cost to the cost of the room, plus a tourist tax, city tax and state tax, your $80 room suddenly costs $120 or more. That is for a relatively inexpensive room. The fees and taxes are much higher at major more expensive hotels in major cities. With many hotels adding these fees and the cost of the fees, it is to everyone’s benefit to figure out how to avoid these extra charges!

Avoiding Travel Resort Fees – Vote With Your Wallet

If you are a frequent traveler let the hotel chain know that you are upset and considering moving to another chain. Staying at hotels that do not charge these fees is another way to vote with your wallet. You can often obtain a hotel room without the travel resort fees, a free breakfast and free parking if you stay on the outskirts of a city instead of downtown. You may still need to pay a tourist tax, city tax and state tax, but at least you escape the dreaded resort fee tax.

Avoiding Travel Resort Fees – Frequent Travelers

These people who stay in hotels over 100 days a year can sometimes turn their patronage into discounts of various types in addition to receiving free rooms. By the way free rooms should not include any taxes, including travel resort fees.

Casino hotels routinely add resort fees to the cost of a room, unless you complain and negotiate the cost of a room and fees ahead of time. Always ask about the fees, what are included and if you do not need these services, ask for the services to be removed. You may not always be successful, but it does send a message especially if you do not plan to return.

Here are eight approaches to avoiding a surprise when you check out and / or eliminating the travel resort fee:

  • Read the fine print before booking.
  • Use hotel search engines that include all fees in their price comparisons.
  • Be creative.
  • Scrutinize your proposed hotel bill when checking in.
  • Review your hotel bill before checking out.
  • Be nice.
  • Dispute any fee you weren’t told about in advance.
  • Finally, complain to the corporation levying the fee.



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