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Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way Out

Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way OutCasinos are tightening the noose on customers who consume more drinks than they gamble. Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way Out. At one time all you needed to do is stick a twenty into a slot machine and place your order for a drink. You did not even need to play on the slot machine. Over the past few years, bartenders would make sure you were playing the maximum and not just looking for a free drink.  Government run casinos and casinos on Native properties charge for every drink. In many cases the drinks are quite reasonably priced. Free drinks are about to end, at least at some of the larger casinos.

Comped Drinks for Slot Play on the Way Out

Harrahs is equipping their slot machines with red and green lights. A red light means you have not gambled enough to deserve a drink, while a green light indicates to the server that she can serve you.

It also helps the server by showing who might want a drink. They can also pass the blame along to the casino and avoid a confrontation if they refuse to server you. In most cases if you are playing the slots, there will be no problem with free drinks. The customers who play minimum or not at all are going to be upset. But then they were looking for something for free and not providing the casino with any business at all.

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