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Do casinos change video poker odds?

Do casinos change video poker odds?The answer to the question, Do casinos change video poker odds?, is no. They cannot manipulate the cards or the chances of drawing specific hands within the game. However there are other ways for the casino to manage the payout and increase the odds of the casino making a profit. It has been long understood that a full house should pay 9 credits for every credit bet and a flush should pay 6 credits. This is referred to as a 9/6 machine. You should be able to find these payouts on a jacks or better video poker game. Casinos will lower these payouts to 8 / 5 credits to improve their revenue stream from video poker. Always look for the higher paying video poker game to improve your overall odds of making money.

Do casinos change video poker odds – Other Games

The same rules apply to deuces wild, double double and bonus poker. Some will pay better than others for specific hands. Double double video poker has larger payouts for harder to get hands such as four of kind, aces etc.

Always case the casino and all of the games to select the one that provides the best payouts. Note that in areas where there is only one casino, you are limited. However in Las Vegas, Tunic, Biloxi and Atlantic city where there are many casinos, there is much more competition. The odds are always better when you are playing with one deck only.

Most video poker machines will use one deck and reshuffle after every hand. This act of reshuffling also plays to the casino. Play with your head and observe the payouts to maximize your chances of winning against the casino.

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