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Betting Maximum on the Slots

Betting Maximum on the SlotsWe have always wondered if you will do better betting maximum on the slots or whether smaller bets are more appropriate. There are several ways to look at this question. It also really depends on what slot machine you are playing and what the payouts are. These are the variables players may want to consider when selecting a machine. Keeping in mind that the casinos have spent a lot of time on making sure the odds are in their favor. The factors to consider are RNG (Random Number Generator ), Progressive Payouts (Small & Large), Ratio of payout for various sized bets, Winning Large Jackpots, Making your Money Last. We will discuss each in more detail.

Betting Maximum on the Slots

RNG – The RNG is constantly generating random numbers thousands of times per second. This does not change regardless of whether you play max or minimum bets on the slots.

Progressive Payouts – some progressives payout at a maximum level e.g. $500. As you get closer to this level there is an increasingly better chance of winning this small jackpot. Betting maximum will get you there faster. Large progressives often only payout when the maximum amount is bet. You should always bet max or not bet at all on large progressives.

Ratio of Payouts – Poker video machines often only pay the maximum for a royal flush if you are betting the maximum. e.g. 4000 credits while betting 1 credit pays much less than 1/5 the maximum payout.

Winning Large Jackpots – you will never win a large jackpot by betting minimum. While your money may not last as long during each visit to the casino, betting maximum will ensure that if you do hit, you will win a jackpot.

Making your Money Last – If your objective is to enjoy the ambiance of the casino, play for a long time and maybe win a small jackpot, betting minimum is certainly an approach to take. For machines that pay out progressives regardless of the amount bet, this is a reasonable strategy.

Bottom line is you need to decide on your own strategy based on the type of machine you are playing.

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