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Wynn Slot Tournament

Wynn Slot TournamentWe just got invited to a slot tournament at the Wynn Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an excellent example of using your slot card to make a difference. This can be an inexpensive Vegas vacation versus paying directly for all your rooms, gambling, drinks, etc.

Our offer includes three days free at the Casino Hotel Las Vegas, participation in theĀ  Slot tournament, and an invitation to an awards ceremony at the end of the slot tournament. We’ll tell you more about the award ceremony in a moment, but this is an excellent deal for many different reasons.

Offers Can be Amazing

Can you imagine, I called the Wynn Casino Hotel on Wednesday morning to see what room rates they would offer us. They were busy, and the casino rate was $200 a night, including the room, resort fee, and taxes. We were not prepared to spend. $600 for three nights and so we declined to make the reservation.

The very next morning, I received an email offering participation in the slot tournament, three nights free including resort fee and taxes, participation of the slot tournament, and the party at the end of the slot tournament. This was for the same dates that we’re hoping to make a reservation. We grabbed it in a hurry since it was only a maximum of 250 people invited to the tournament.

Wynn Slot Tournament – Free Rooms

If you have not stayed at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas before, you really should. The rooms are large, very clean, and very modern. They have excellent views of the strip and the eastern part of the city. Everything is automated with controls at your fingertips next to the bed for opening and closing the blinds. Also dimming or shutting off the lights. There is a TV in the bathroom so you will not miss any of the daily news or your favorite show. These rooms go from anywhere from $150 per night to as high as over $600 a night.

Wynn Slot Tournament – Free Play

We played in the tournament, and afterwords attend the slot tournaments awards ceremony. Unfortunately, the writer did not win, but someone won $35,000 in free slot play. There were 20 winners in all of the free slot play. The rest of us and our companions got to enjoy complimentary drinks and munchies, including sliders, cheese, sandwiches can small cupcakes. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Always use your slot card when playing. You never know when you will be invited to something like this.

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