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Spa Casino Palm Springs

Spa Casino Palm SpringsThe Spa Casino Palm Springs is located within two blocks of downtown Palm Springs on Amado road. There is ample parking for both valets and for people who wish to park their own cars. It is all surface parking. There is also a hotel located next door and there are many smaller hotels and motels in the immediate area along with condos for rent within walking distance. The Spa Casino Palm Springs is not really a  great spot to go for dinner, it is mainly for gambling at both tables and slots. They also run outdoor concerts once a month in one of the parking lots.

They charge $30 to get in and they block off anyone from the street from seeing the performance, although you can hear the music. It does not really build loyalty and many tourists refuse to spend their money in the casino as a result. They just are not building brand loyalty with this approach.

Spa Casino Palm Springs Sister Casino

The same slot card can be used at the Agua Caliente casino located on Bob Hope Drive and Ramon Road at I10. This hotel and casino require a car to get to and patrons can rack up points on their slot card regardless of which casino they frequent. We happen to like the Spa Casino Palm Springs because it is so convenient to get to. Patrons can go for dinner at one of the many restaurants in downtown Palm Springs and then head over to the casino for a drink after dinner and also a little gambling.

The smell of smoke can be pretty heavy at times. They recently opened a nonsmoking area. However, it is actually pretty small. They have a deli where you can order basic meals such as hamburgers and hot dogs, salads. Customers can also order breakfast. They also have a buffet, however, it does not seem to have a good reputation for the food and also for the service. Recently a group of people went for breakfast. They were charged 18% gratuity because they were part of a large group. The service was much less than normal.

The only service they received was their coffee was brought to them, so we are unclear why there should be a tip at all for this poor level of service let alone 18%. We think that this is pretty cheap on the part of the casino and will not be spending any money at their restaurants as a result. There are much better places to go to where you get better food and much more service.

Comp’s Not as Lucrative as Las Vegas

Since they have limited competition, the comps are not as good as locations where there is a lot more competition.  They still have some comps for food, free play, etc, but you can do much better at other casinos. Of course you must travel much further to get to them. It really comes down to how you want to spend your money.

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