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Casino Restaurant PromotionsLately we have found that casinos really want their customers to use their comp’s on their cards before approaching the slot host to find out what additional comp’s they might he entitled to. The writer had  a conversation with a slot host recently about this topic and she confirmed that all of the casinos are moving to this model.

For example, lets assume you have spent the afternoon playing the slots, using your slot card all of the time and racking up points on your slot card that is commensurate with the level of play and the amount of time you have gambled. You then decide to go for dinner at one of the restaurants in the casino. In the past you may have gone to the casino host to request a meal comp.

Casino Restaurant Promotions

This takes time and it can be sometimes frustrating if they have to deny your comp based on your play. Now you simply head to the restaurant of your choice and when it comes time to pay for the meal, they want you to use your comp’s that you have earned on your card to pay for the cost of the meal. You simply present your slot card to the waiter and they will run your card and deduct whatever comp you have on your card. If there is not quite enough, you just need to pay the difference in cash or by credit card.

Depending on how much you have played and the cost of the meal, the entire meal may be covered. If the full meal is not fully covered, You have several choices. You can then either pay cash, pay with a credit card. Charge it to your room for later consideration by the slot host before you check out.  We followed this latter approach at the last casino hotel we stayed at.

At the end of our stay, we met with the slot host who based on our play wrote the remaining food charges off. Even though the direct comps on our slot card were not enough to cover the total charges.  This is the approach that all slot card players should consider when gambling at a casino. Take full advantage of casino restaurant promotions. You only need to meet with a slot host once at the end of your stay prior to checking out of your room.

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