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Tunica Casino Hotel Deals

Tunica Casino Hotel DealsCasinos all over the US are offering casino hotel deals to attract customers to their casinos, their restaurants, their hotels and their shows.  They do this to drive up occupancy and to attract people to the casino itself to enable more revenue. This is also really beneficial for patrons of the casinos, since receiving a free room, free play or a free meal at the buffet is like winning a small jackpot. As with most things in life, moderation is key to enjoying life and that applies to casinos as well. Enjoy the benefits but watch how much you spend. Tunica Casino Hotel Deals are part of this trend.

Tunica Casino Hotel Deals

The casino hotels in Tunica are no different and in fact they have to work pretty hard to fill their venues since they are in the middle of the country and do not have the name recognition and reputation that other places like Las Vegas and Atlantic city have. As a result they offer some pretty good hotel deals. Many patrons who use their slot cards will find that they will be offered free rooms and meals as part of the enticement to come to their hotels.

The picture above is of the Gold Strike in Tunica and is one of the hotels that we enjoy staying at once or twice a year. They recently upgraded their buffet restaurant, have nice rooms and they offer many different slot machines that are attractive to all players. We always use our slot cards which gives us free rooms at the gold strike in addition to free meals and free slot play. Sometimes they will also offer us tickets to shows that they may hosting at their casino as well. This is all part of the enticement package for their hotel deals to get more and more people to come to Tunica and the casinos in the area.

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