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Red Earth casino Salton Sea California

Red Earth casino Salton Sea California This is a cute little casino on highway 86 on the road on the way to Borego springs. You cannot miss it, it is right along the highway with lots of parking for both cars and RV’s.

When you’re heading south along Highway 86, you will see the casino and then you will see aU-haul truck that is no longer running with a big sign on it, this is a road that you turn into. You can easily miss the road if it were not for the U-Haul truck sitting at the entrance.

Red Earth casino Salton Sea California

This is a great place to stop for a drink, something to eat or gas up. Many RV vans, trucks etc. stop here and overnight in the parking lot. This seems to be a popular place for RVs to overnight. You can also go dune buggy riding in the desert from this location.

The casino itself is a small casino with a good selection of slot machines. They unfortunately allow smoking in the casino and it is not large enough to have a non smoking area. There is regular bar and drink service from the staff, as well as a serve yourself area for soft drinks. Attached to the casino there is a Subway shop and a small store with lots of snacks and drinks. This is one of our favorite places to stop at least once a year when we are in the area.

You can also see the Salton Sea from the parking lot which stretches south from this area. There are a number of small towns and villages around the area, however many of these have seen much better times. The Red Earth casino Salton Sea California has lots of penny machines to play as well.

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