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Best Deals at CasinosThe best deals at casinos really depend on how busy the casino is, your reason for travel and whether you qualify for any free complimentary items such as meals and rooms. We will discuss each of these in this post and provide a few hints regarding how to find the deals. If you can combine all three concepts, you may even get free rooms, free meals, free entertainment and free money to gamble with. All of the casino hotels participate in these programs so taking advantage of these free items is in your best interest to minimize the cost of your trip or vacation.

Best Deals at Casinos – Timing

Just as in real life, timing is everything. If the casino you are visiting is hosting a large convention or it is at the peak of the travel season, many travelers are going to find it difficult to find cheaper rates. Low travel periods and no convention business means fewer people in the hotel and the casino. This is the time they will offer better deals to anyone interested in visiting their hotel. Always ask for discounts and always check rates for different time periods if you can be flexible. Stay during the week vs. the weekend to find better rates as well.

If you are traveling on business, chances are you can obtain a business rate for the hotel you are staying at. Usually the convention will negotiate a discount rate for anyone attending their convention. If you are able and willing to walk, staying at a casino hotel next door can mean that you will receive a rate even lower if they are not busy. Check out the rates and then make your decision.

If you gamble, ask for a slot card and use it whenever you are playing the slots or the tables. On your next visit or even the current visit the casino may provide you with something based on your play. It could be free meals, free tickets or they might even write off your room. Check with the slot host before you check out to find out what you qualify for.

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